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Champion of Champions Slot Machine

Having already established a loyal fan-base thanks to their range of quirky video game-style slots, Odobo have landed another devastating right hook to the competition with the launch of their latest exciting title, Champion of Champions.

Designed in the style of an early 90s brawler, Champion of Champions is a clear homage to arcade classics like Street Fighter and Final Fight and thankfully packs all the punch that you’d expect from a slot developed by the acclaimed Applejack Gaming.

Featuring five reels, three rows and 20 fixed paylines, there’s certainly nothing groundbreaking in the game’s basic mechanics, but the bonus features and the general visual flourish that Champion of Champions is delivered with make it a real knockout experience.

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Champion of Champions

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Fists of Fury

The narrative of Champion of Champions focuses on four brave heroes – CJ Knight, Sammy Bryant, Hunter Lee and Braco – that have teamed up to defeat the evil crime syndicate boss, Yoshinubo, who has been drawing a special life energy know as “fighters’ will” from his vanquished opponents.

Just as in an arcade fighting game, each character has their own unique back story and motivation for taking on Yoshinubo, but with all of our plucky pugilists hell-bent on seeking revenge, it’s up to you to help them battle their way through all opposition and become the champion of champions.

While it may sound like a daunting task for newbie slot players, in practice Champion of Champions is easy-to-use and works in much the same as any conventional five-reel slot game, albeit with a special bonus game that sees your chosen fighter take to the arena and dish out some five-knuckle justice.

If Looks Could Kill

From the moment Champion of Champions begins with its own comic strip-style opening cut-scene, you already know that you’re in for a visual treat – and the game simply doesn’t disappoint in any graphical aspect, with successful payline and bonus animations seamlessly woven into play.

The game’s four protagonists are all used to represent the higher value symbols across the game board, with a VS symbol that unlocks the Champions Bonus game present on the first, third and fifth reels and a flaming fist that activates a free spin slots feature appearing on the second, third and fourth.

Additionally there’s also a golden dragon symbol on the third reel which, when it appears, will occasionally trigger a nifty little cut scene in which a dragon swoops over the board and turns random symbols into wilds. Again, the feature is presented in the manner of special move being unleashed in a traditional arcade beat ’em up and really helps continue the game’s unique theme.

Complementing the visual style of Champion of Champions is a pounding soundtrack reminiscent of many a wasted hour in the local arcade, with a selection of suitable sound effects ranging from a dragon’s roar to the smack of flesh on flesh as the game’s brave fighters battle it out in the arena.

Enter The Dragon

In terms of bonus features, the aforementioned golden dragon will occasionally turn anywhere between two and five symbols into wilds and create multiple paylines, while when three flaming fists appear across the central reels, players will be awarded five free spins. While this may not sound like many, three wild symbols are guaranteed to appear each spin, helping you maximise your winnings.

The most striking feature in Champion of Champions, however, is the Champions Bonus game, which whisks the player away to character selection screen featuring CJ, Sammy, Hunter and Braco. Once they’ve decided on their champion, a Street Fighter-themed mini-game begins where players must turn over seven hidden symbols to uncover “advance” cards, while trying to avoid “stopper” cards.

Turning over an “advance” card results in your chosen fighter landing a devastating combo of hits on their opponent, while finding a “stopper” sees their attack get blocked and countered. With each hit draining your or your opponent’s energy bar, the round is over when one fighter’s bar reaches zero. Win and you advance to the next round (up to a maximum of four), lose and you’re eliminated.

The Big Boss

If this sounds like a pretty effusive review of Champion of Champions, it’s because it is – the game is truly a solid gold hit. The beat ’em up aesthetic of the game coupled with the designers’ meticulous eye for detail (where else could you find character bios in a free slot game?!) make this a very faithful recreation of the arcade experience, and one that is sure to prove popular with gamers. Hadouken!

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