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Zuma 3D Slot Machine

It’s not often we come across casino slot machines where we’re not 100% sure what the inspiration for the theme was, exactly. Most developers keep things pretty simple, making it easy to figure out what they were going for when they created their games. But we did have to do a little research on Zuma 3D by IGT. It looked a bit like other games based on Aztec or Mesoamerican cultures, and after some reading, it looks like that’s exactly the idea: the Zuma (or Suma) were once a people who lived in what is now western Texas.

We may not have known much about this ancient tribe, but we can say one thing for sure about this slot machine: it sure is entertaining and unique. This is the type of machine that is designed to attract casual players, with lots of special features, characters, and moving parts guaranteeing that there’s always to keep your eyes on. The result is a game that will definitely keep gamblers engaged, and also has the potential to generate big payouts, especially during bonus rounds.

A Frog on a Log

The Zuma 3D video slot is a very colorful machine, and the many artistic details on both the main screen and the video board above are only amplified by the 3D graphics that help give this game its name. This is a tropical themed slot in the mode of the many titles out there that use Aztec or Incan imagery, and you’ll see a lot of similar theming here: tropical plants, animal sculptures, and carvings that are typical of this sort of game. Fun, tropical sound design helps drive the atmosphere further, and the effect is to create a very lighthearted environment for players. These machines are available as penny slots for low limit players, with a minimum bet of 80 credits. While this precise version is not available at online casinos, there are play for free versions of the original Zuma on the Internet.

The game is played on a standard 5x3 layout with 30 paylines in play. The object is to match identical symbols across the reels. Players can match symbols that represent various tropical fruits or carvings of a number of different animals, such as cats, birds, monkeys, and elephants. A frog spends the entire game sitting on the center position of the middle reel, but don’t worry, he won’t get in the way: instead, this little guy serves as a wild symbol, substituting for any other normal icon in order to complete paylines.

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Zuma 3D

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It Takes Balls to Win

One of the things that might confuse you at first about the Zuma 3D video slot is the fact that the main screen is outlined by a series of balls that roll upward throughout play. This is part of the progressive jackpot system, with the colors of the balls corresponding to the seven jackpots that are listed above the screen. At the end of each spin, the frog will spit a ball out into these lines. Should this new ball fit into a match of three or more in a row, they will disappear and generate a Mojo Pot, which will go to the associated jackpot. Each pot has the chance to trigger the jackpot; playing for more coins per spin will increase the frequency at which pots are generated.

There are several other special features you’ll want to keep in mind while you play. First, there’s the Jaguar Bonus, in which players get the chance to play a special mini game with a three reel slot that will either generate an instant credit prize or up to three Mojo Pots. There are also three “boss battles” that are triggered by different scatter symbols, as follows:

  • Cephalo Ka: Players get to play a number of Mega Spins on a special set of reels in an underwater setting.
  • Kolo Kamari: You’ll get 10 free spins on a ball track with special multipliers on all of your winnings.
  • Zhaka Mu: Attack the boss and the Tiki Girls in order to win credits or potentially win one of the game’s progressive jackpots.

Other random bonuses can appear on the reels at any time as well. For instance, you’ll occasionally see the frog add a number of additional wild symbols across the reels, greatly increasing your chances of completing high-paying combinations.

Welcome to the Jungle

While some games take a serious or dramatic tone, Zuma 3D by IGT is all about just sitting down and having fun. Few gamblers will object to that – after all, gambling is supposed to be a good time. Thankfully, this isn’t a title made just for those who like flashy graphics, though: there are plenty of ways to walk away with some nice payouts on this machine, and the special bonus games are both lucrative and a blast to play. If you’re looking for a game that takes a unique theme and combines it with some original and innovative gameplay, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find with this machine.

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