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Fruits on Fire Slot Machine

If you’ve always had an urge to set fruit on fire but have never felt fully ready to commit to this behaviour, then you’re in luck as iGaming2go has created a slot that has a flame on hand to do all the dirty work for you.

There are a lot of little fruity numbers out there that combine fruit and heat to create some crazy theme, but this is honestly one of the cheesiest we’ve come across, which is by no means a criticism. The fact that the idea goes beyond the title itself is a credit to the brand, and in turn has produced a memorable online game, even if it’s not for the right reasons.

This is classic slot machine through and through, from the 3-reels and 5 paylines, to the lack of fancy graphics and over the top soundtrack. If you’re a minimalist old school gamer who is desperate for a new outlet, you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for in Fruits on Fire.

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Fruits on Fire

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Burning Bright

It’s incredibly hot on this grid and we don’t just mean from the fire - there’s a smoking flame dressed in a well-cut suit, brandishing a match. While we’re dying to know how his clothes haven’t been burnt away, we’ll leave our questions to ourselves and get back to the symbols alongside him.

Every single icon you come across has been seen across various slot machines dedicated to classic and authentic casino gaming, and so they really don’t need an introduction, but just in case you’re curious, there’s apples, grapes, oranges and lemons, followed by bells, 7s, cash bars and double Xs. It’s like a reunion up in here.

Unlike some titles that require at least three matches, Fruits on Fire only ever requires you to find just three to get the top payout amount, which sounds great in theory but less impressive in reality. This is because of how minimal the rewards are. Given that it’s a basic slot, it’s not too shocking to see the highest amount not climbing over 16 credits, however that doesn’t make seeing that figure any easier.

Also in-keeping with the retro vibe is the lack of any unique bonuses or features, unless you want to count the gamble option, but that is generic across all iGaming2go games and really doesn’t add anything special to this particular title. Sure you can double your stake, but it’s been done so often you’ll find the opportunity quite boring after a while, and will probably chose to take the money instead of risk it.

Taming the Inferno

Fire is a tricky master, and yes it is the master out of you and it, and so you need to know exactly what you’re dealing with before you start playing Fruits on Fire. Not only because of the fire references we’re dropping all over the place, but because classic slot machines can confuse a lot of players used to video slots.

Traditionally, as it is in this title also, the betting ranges are a lot narrower and start from a much lower value; Fruits on Fire begins at 0.10 and only increases to 5 credits. While accessible, it also means that any payouts based upon your stake will also be low, though it’s doubtful a large jackpot is waiting for you in this tile anyway.

As the paylines are fixed there is no need to set these amounts, and we doubt you’ll even glance at the autospin widget as it kind of becomes obsolete when a game has a low variance such as this.

Small but Not Mighty

Fruits on Fire is great for retro gamers and slot machines enthusiasts, but anyone else is going to have a hard time finding anything redeeming about this activity. It is a gap filler at best, and we doubt you’ll keep it as your main one for too long before you get bored and move onto something else. Only avid fans can love a creation such as this, but to those who discover the slot machine and love it, happy betting!

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