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Monsters and aliens are threatening the planet and it comes down to one woman to save us all from annihilation, and that woman is Elly’en. This svelte redhead is armed and ready to battle with whatever the universe can throw at her, in fact the bigger and badder the meaner she becomes. She’s an unstoppable force.

Normally she goes it alone, but because the threat to our very existence is so great, Elly’en has decided to send for help and the call has come directly to you. Now through a series of spins across 10 fixed paylines, you need to complete this mission as best you can so that you can live another day. It’s intense work, so prepare yourselves for anything!

Luckily, seeing as the world is in such desperate need, the 5 reels have a base jackpot of x500 credits, and several multipliers are up for grabs should you be fortunate enough to the discover them. And then there is even a feature game to access during your time working with Elly’en. Good luck and godspeed!

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Aim and Fire!

A lot of the aliens and ghouls you’re going to come across are quite fluffy and adorable in some way, but try and not let the well executed design fool you, these beasts are not to be trusted. And should you get enough of them, the payout can be considerable. Take that slimy pink ball of eyes – that can get you up to 50 credits if you manage to get five of them. The thing is, they’re not about to cough up that money easily, so you need to be patient.

Moving along to the heroine of the piece, and our new partner, Elly’en is the highest value tile of the entire game, coming in at 500 coins when you get the maximum amount of icons. However, she does little else but potentially bring in the money, which is arguably why the scatter has been included into the mix.

Seeing as there are no bonus icons or wild symbols, at least not from what we can see, the bug eyed green little fella is your only chance at winning some multiplied amounts of cash. You’ll need at least three if you’re to activate the feature game, and then once you have done no retriggers can happen. The feature game is also played on a different set of reels to keep the action more interesting, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise and give too much away.

There you have it as far as the gameplay is concerned, though if you do find anything else we’ve missed out let us know, we need to learn just as much as you do. Now let’s move onto how to get started.

Killer Instinct

Going in for the kill is pretty simple thanks to the interface at work here: everything is done by a click of a button, meaning you get to where you want to be a lot faster, especially if you like using the autoplay button. Tap that once all your amounts are set and the game does the rest for you, all you need to do is click yes or no when the gamble option shows up (we’ll get to that later).

As the lines are fixed here, there is no need for a button to increase or reduce the amount, and so a ‘show lines’ widget has been thrown in as if to make up for this fact. It seems odd to us as you can go into the help section and see the lines there a lot more clearly, but we guess iGaming2go has their reasons.

Betting is a simple plus and minus system, ranging from a small 1.00 up to 20 credits, making it a hugely accommodating game for everyone that plays it. And should you want to avoid playing with real money, you can always opt for the demo mode, though remember you won’t win any real money either.

The gamble option can be turned off, but if left on it will pop up after every win; you click whether you think the hidden card is red or black to win or lose money. That really is all there is to it.

Destruction in a Catsuit

This may look far from your typical 5-reel, 9-payline slot machine, given the design and novelty theme, but it really is as classic and as generic as they come. What is more, without any true bonus features, players are left wanting something more to satisfy their appetite, which we feel demonstrates that something is seriously lacking here.

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