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Anubis Slots

This 5-reel slot machine is Egyptian with attitude. What we mean is there is more to it than first meets the eye because, if we’re honest, the first impression isn’t a good one. As shallow as it sounds, and please forgive us for it sounding so, Anubis and its 5 paylines just doesn’t look like it’s going to amount to much.

It’s essentially a classic slot machine dressed up in its parent's clothes to try and pass as a modern day video slot, which sounds pretty horrific to us. Well, the result is a lot less frightening and more mixed results. Stick with us as we go into every detail of this online game to try and help you figure out if this is one to keep or if you should just keep on searching.

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Learning the Ropes

There aren’t that many, if any, ropes involved in sussing this game out, but we want to teach you all we know nonetheless so that you can be the very best at this slot machine; if you’re a pro you can brush up on your skills, and if you’re a newbie you can stand to learn something new.

The controls are very minimal in Anubis, in fact there are only five main buttons at the bottom of the reels, two of which are there to help set your betting total, so if you add those two together you could argue that there’s only four. We digress. Going back to betting, there is quite a dynamic range to play with here, starting from 1.00 and working its way up to 50.00 credits per payline, which means you can get started with as little or as much as you want.

There is then a show lines button which does nothing, and we mean nothing, besides showing you where all those winning combinations can fall. While this may be seen as handy to begin with, when you consider there are paytables to look at in the settings toggle, it seems like a pretty obsolete feature.

Users will also notice that there is an autostart option which will start spinning the reels immediately, and won’t stop until you tell it otherwise; you can’t decide after how many waves it stops, which makes it feel unfinished. We just don’t like not being able to determine how our game progresses.

Sandy Dunes

There are some about somewhere, but you’ll struggle to see them over the blinding white of the 3x5 grid and its garish colours plastered onto the tiles. Most of the icons you’ll see are just plain white with a vivid card value placed upon it, which is pretty boring, but then there are a few that are of a 3D quality that you can’t help but admire. It may look more like an old school console title, but it gives the title some character, and it so desperately needs just that.

Getting down to which symbols equal what, the beautiful Egyptian princess you first see acts as the wild here, rewarding you 1,000 credits whenever five of her appear. However, that in itself isn’t a particularly large amount when compared with a lot of other slot machines out there. The number 10 tile is the lowest at just 20.00 coins per five, so as you can imagine, matching less than that will result in even more disappointing cash returns.

One redeeming feature is that there is a double or nothing option after every win, allowing you to potentially walk away with more funds. Gamers are asked what colour the turned over card is, black or red; if you’re right you get double your stake and if you’re wrong you leave with nothing. It isn’t that fancy, but it helps spice things up a bit.

Worthy or Not?

As far as this iGaming2go slot is concerned, it’s best being reserved for nights when you have no other games to turn to. It sounds awful but it just isn’t a well polished slot, in fact it is one of the worse we’ve seen. It does have some good points, such as the 3D graphics (when they make an appearance), as well as the double up feature, but that’s about it.

Of course, you may end up loving every minute of it, so don’t just take our word for it. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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