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iGaming2go Slots

iGaming2go might sound like a dodgy second-hand video game store, but don’t be so quick to dismiss them. Their dubious name belies a company that makes some pretty impressive games – games that harness the latest technology to good effect.

The software company is based in Slovakia, which helps explain its distinctly ‘European’ name. The firm’s HQ lies in Bratislava, the Slovakian capital, but it operates as a multinational entity.

iGaming2go might be the name of the company, but the term also describes the suite of casino games it produces. To understand iGaming2go software is to understand iGaming2go, Slovakian purveyors of premium slots.

Modern Gaming Solutions

iGaming2go has been rapidly rolled out by casinos across the globe, its uptake thanks in no small part to the software’s versatility. The company’s white label casino games are designed using HTML5. This obviates the need for Flash, and enables games to load in-browser, with no external software required.

Highly versatile, highly compatible software is naturally good news for operators. It enables players to game for longer and across a wider range of devices. As a white label product, the software allows for easy integration into existing online casino systems and complete scalability.

iGaming2go plugs into the casino’s database, allowing for operations such as customer registration and payment processing to be exported. The Slovakian company is keen to point out that customer privacy is maintained at all times and that it has no access to the casino’s data.

Thanks to iGaming2go software, players need only create a single account. Thereafter, they’re free to log on and play via desktop or mobile. As they play, iGaming2go’s engine ticks over quietly in the background, updating the player’s balance in real time and generating random outcomes that will determine a win or loss. This is achieved using Simple Object Access Protocol messages, which link the native system with the casino’s web-based framework.

Entertainment on the Go

Mobile and tablet aren’t the future of iGaming – they’re its present. They’re where an increasing number of gamers are spending their time and they’re where iGaming2go’s software proves its worth. While some gamers may be content to while away hours in front of a computer monitor, many more prefer to squeeze in gaming whenever and wherever they can find the time: on the commute to work; on their lunch break; when visiting friends.

The company claims that “native apps are a temporary step along the way towards the full mobile web” and few experts would dispute this. In action, iGaming2go is designed to resemble a web app, partly because this is a format that smartphone users are familiar with, but also because gambling apps aren’t licensed for distribution on major platforms. The only country that grants an exception to this rule is the UK. HTML5 is the only software that works on all smartphones, and that’s why it’s iGaming2go’s preferred delivery mechanism.

The Slovakian company first found its feet on iPad and iPhone, where its HTML5 games were pitched. After perfecting this process, it then widened its remit, and now provides a similar service for compatible Android devices.

A Company That Speaks Your Language

English, not Slovakian, is the web’s de facto language, so it’s just as well iGaming2go are multilingual. The same can be said of the software they produce: a comprehensive localisation service enables operators to interact with players in their native language.

If a required language is missing from the company’s set, they undertake to make it available within a matter of days. This is a nice touch, and one that few other software developers can claim to match.

All the Analytics

Whether using a land-based or online casino, players can gamble with real money or for fun. While they immerse themselves in the alluring bonus features and free spins, behind the scenes iGaming2go’s software is running overtime. Once integrated into the operator’s website, a complete suite of analytical tools becomes available. The client can search, download and display this data, using it to for reporting purposes and to develop new promotions.

When iGaming2go releases a new game, it can be added to the operator’s website quickly and easily. Casinos that are powered by iGaming2go can look forward to making use of a Javascript engine with full HTML5 support, HD graphics, neat sound effects and a layout that can switch seamlessly between landscape and portrait.

Partnering with igaming2go

For casino operators looking to partner with iGaming2go, there is a multi-stage process to complete. Thankfully, it proves to be a straightforward one. The first stage sees wallet functionality integrated with the operator’s online casino. A detailed guide outlines the steps required to implement this, including the code that must be inserted. An online casino that decides to use iGaming2go can expect to be up and running within around four weeks.

The next step sees the client modify their website so that it renders properly on mobile, enabling players to sign in to their account on a range of devices. Finally, a license agreement is put in place outlining the terms the operator must adhere to.

html5 Casino Games

From the player’s perspective, iGaming2go is only as good as its games. What does the Slovakian developer offer that others can’t? What makes its slots better than the rest of the competition?

The games the company currently offers are a diverse bunch that display all the quirks that are inherent with Eastern European developers. Some of these quirks are positive, some negative, but all help to create a mood unlike that conveyed by a British or French software house, for example.

Seven’s is a case in point. Language purists would argue that the 3-reel slot should be named Sevens, without the apostrophe, but we can put that minor oversight down to English being a second language. In any case, it matters not once you’re rolling the reels. While some players will balk at the game’s basic graphics and simplistic animations, others will find it a refreshing alternative to the usual glut of all-singing, all-dancing HD slots. If you like your games stripped back and devoid of unnecessary features, Seven’s is worth a spin.

Money Bee provides a better example of what iGaming2go are capable of. The symbols, including a caterpillar, snail and bee, are charmingly designed, and the 5-reel slot does everything with aplomb. A playing guide helpfully outlines the value of each symbol, including the ubiquitous scatter and wild. A similar format is in place with iGaming2go’s obligatory Egyptian slot, Anubix, and the fast food-inspired Big Tasty. Other titles available from the Slovakian HTML5 experts include Hot Fruits, Magic Poker and Royal Roulette.

igaming2go: The Final Verdict

If truth be told, there are slicker, more feature-rich developers out there: iGaming2go’s slots probably aren’t going to win any awards for their HD graphics. Despite this obvious shortcoming, they’re still highly playable, with a clutter-free layout that allows players to cut to the chase.

For casino operators, iGaming2go’s seamless integration and commitment to HTML5 makes the company’s software worth the licensing fee. Operators are desperately trying to tap into the mobile market, and iGaming2go’s software makes that a cinch. With comprehensive analytics all included, iGaming2go’s packages deliver value for money and work consistently, both on desktop and mobile.

As the company broadens its range of casino games, expect it to gradually refine its front end, so that its 5-reel slots don’t just work flawlessly – they also look flawless and keep players coming back for more.

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