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Wild Wild Western

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Wild Wild Western Slots

We’ve seen Westerns – we know the drill and what to expect, a lot of the time many of them being more lacklustre than you had first hoped. Our childhood memories of running about playing cowboys and indians gone in a blink of an eye as we wipe away the tears of disappointment.

This was us, until we found Wild Wild Western.

Imaginative though the title isn’t, the online slot machine has several bonuses to relish when the reels spin in your favour. There are 5 reels across 3 rows and 20 winlines, which come together to make this game an average sized activity: not too easy but neither is it too hard. As most of us are average gamers with average skills, this is ideal.

Say Hello to Adam

We’re jumping right on in and starting with the action, for this gun totting title has a lot of it to give; Adam is the first character that we’ll help you identify. Before we continue, we’d like to point out that these features tend to only happen in the free spins and not the base game.

The shade wearing, gunslinging, dark haired fella is part of the Adam Feature in Wild Wild Western, and for it to trigger players need to find the whole third reel covered in this guys face. When this occurs, he will expand on one of the other reels and will remove other symbols except for the wild and scatter symbols.

Next up We Have Eve

Even though this sounds like we’re about to talk about the Bible, Eve really is the name of the female counterpart to Adam. She too must become stacked on the third reel, and she’ll also herald in four extra rounds – so far it’s all the same bar the way they look.

Here comes the contrast: whenever you find another Eve upon the 5 reels, literally just one of her, you will be given a multiplier, one that increases whenever she makes an appearance. By the end you could end up with a lot more coins than expected.

What a Stallion!

This magnificent creature isn’t just your ‘set of wheels’, it’s your way to some more juicy profits. It begins the same as the others: cover the third reel, get four spins. But what this bonus does is then place the Stallion tile elsewhere, expanding it and freezing it into place, while the rest of the grid keep refreshing. What is most interesting is that none of the other bonus characters will pop up during the Feature, but a lot of stallion symbols will.

Light? Who Is Light?

We thought that Jack Skellington had suddenly upped and left Halloween Town for a life in the Wild West, but this is apparently a similar looking character named Light. Why he looks like a scarecrow crossed with a pumpkin we’ll never quite know, trade secrets of Gameplay Interactive and all that jazz.

Unlike the others, this feature will only gift you three extra rounds, and will see other Light tiles become stuck in place for the rest of the free waves. Even though it’s not as impressive as the other three, the Light Feature can still get you some neat rewards, which all go some way to making the final pot of gold that bit larger.

Pay Your Dues

Players can bet from as little as 0.40 overall or all the way to 100 credits, via a lot of tweaking of the coin and bet toggles. In addition to this, the 20 paylines can also be manipulated to suit your gaming needs, though the more you play with is inevitably better if not cheaper.

The max bet option is a spin one, allowing you to select the largest amount and then instantly get into the gameplay, no hassle, no fuss, no tears.

Totally Wild, Cowboy

Wild Wild Western is an excellent slot machine, even despite it not changing up the bonus features that much (they’re all essentially the same). The stakes aren’t too high but the payouts can be, and so money signs could show up on your horizon in the near future. If you like this game from the brand, why not take a look at some of the others they’ve designed, such as Underwater World. It’s a different experience altogether, but an equally immersive one.

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