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Nudging Gems Slots

Slot games can come in all shapes and colours, but developers often like to come back to the basics and stick to the simplest elements.

Nudging Gems is a video slot game designed by Cayetano that is a perfect example of such simplicity. No need to look for any sort of complicated backstory or unnecessary elements here, this game focuses on the very essentials and provides players with an easy interface and straightforward rules.

To find out more about Nudging Gems, take a moment to read our full review of the game and you will be ready to snatch a few precious stones right off the reels.

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Nudging Gems is first and foremost a slot machine simulator, which means that the developers strived to create a lifelike atmosphere reminiscent of a real casino.

The game screen is actually very simple: a close-up view of an old-school slot machine. No read space for any kind of background here, just a dark grey metallic frame with the reels encased within it, and the command bar right at the bottom.

As promised, Nudging Gems does away with all the accessories and focuses on the bare minimum in terms of graphics and game universe. You might either love it or hate it, but there is no real middle ground here. As far as the basic gameplay is concerned, let’s take a look at it in the next section.

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Nudging Gems

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A Few Clicks Is All You Need

It should come as no surprise that Nudging Gems also sticks to easy and straightforward rules. This is certainly good news for beginner players, who will get an easy start out of it.

The game matrix contains 3 reels with a single horizontal payline right in the middle. If you want to win some prizes, which you obviously do, then you have to make sure that winning symbol combinations do land on that payline as often as possible. The size of your cash prizes then depends on both the types of symbols involved and the size of your wager. Which implies that a larger wager can trigger bigger wins down the line – if luck is on your side. Adapt your game strategy accordingly and do not hesitate to use the command bar below the reels to adjust your settings as often as you see fit.

Should you feel like speeding up the process a little, click the auto button to put the game on autopilot. This will allow you to place the same bet on several spins in a row without having to do anything but cross your fingers and watch the action unravel.

Shiny, Shiny Symbols

The paytable of Nudging Gems is a very simple and basic assortment of classic reel symbols, easily identifiable and familiar to most players.

All symbols are actually shiny and colourful gems, which come in purple, blue, green, red and white. The vast majority of winning combinations consist of 3 identical gems properly lined up on screen. One notable exception is the purple gem, 2 of which can pay a modest x2 win regardless of where they land on screen.

The 3-diamond combination awards a x50 win, which is the largest reward available from the basic symbol menu. But Nudging Gems still has a few surprises in store. First of all, the gems can appear either pointing upwards or downwards. The reels can move in the corresponding direction in order to form a winning combination if such a small nudge is the only thing that can trigger a win. As far as the other bonus features are concerned, let’s take a closer look at them in the next section.

Look out for the Game Logo

The Nudging Gems logo is the final reel symbol available on the reels of the game, and it comes with some special rewards that can turn the game around in your favour quite easily.

If you manage to land a single logo on the screen, it will act as a x2 multiplier to boost your future rewards. 2 logos on screen will have the same effect and multiply your rewards by 4.

Landing 3 logos in Nudging Gems is the only way to hit the ultimate jackpot: a x500 cash reward that will land nicely in your credit total, no questions asked.

Simple yet Efficient, Especially for Hard-Core Players

Nudging Gems will probably put off many players used to more complex slot games. That being said, Nudging Gems has all the elements of a good slot game, and not much else.

So if you are looking for a nice and straightforward game with an old-school atmosphere, then Nudging Gems is definitely a must-try.

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