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Santa 3x3 Slot

A little bit of originality has never harmed anyone, or at least this is the guiding principle of the game that we are about to introduce here. 

Santa 3x3 is a video slot game developed by 1x2 Gaming that will challenge your perception of the genre. There are plenty of original elements to mention in the game, from the graphics to the gameplay, and this much innovation could either attract or discourage a great number of potential players. 

To see whether or not Santa 3x3 is for you, check out our full review of the game before you make up your mind. 

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Santa 3x3

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Unlike Anything You Have Seen

Santa 3x3 is different from basically any other slot game on the current market, and you only need look at the game screen for a second to realize that. 

In terms of graphic quality, the game is quite basic and does not offer anything too crazy in terms of animations. The theme is obviously Christmas-related, but it is more obvious in the reel symbols that in the overall design. The background is indeed completely black, with the reels and command buttons spread all across it. 

Santa 3x3 is a little disorienting, but if might also trigger your curiosity since it looks so different from he rest. If that is the case, head on to our next section to learn more about the gameplay. 

Get Ready for Something New

As mentioned previously, Santa 3x3 does away with most of the standard rules common to the vast majority of slot games. Instead, you will be facing a very original gameplay. 

The game features 9 separate slot machines of 3 reels each, with therefore 27 reel positions in total. Winning combinations consist of 3 identical symbols on a payline, that is to say in one or more of the reel sets displayed on the screen. Use the command buttons under the reels to choose a coin denomination. You can choose either 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10 or 50 credits per coin. The (+) and (-) buttons are there to let you determine the size of your wager itself. 

You can reset your settings by clicking the clear stake button at all times. Otherwise, place your bet on the reels with the green button on the right-hand side of the screen and cross your fingers. No need to look for the usual max bet or autoplay options, they are nowhere to be found in Santa 3x3. 

Christmas Is in the Air 

The paytable of Santa 3x3 contains 16 different reel symbols in total, which is quite a lot in comparison to other slot games.

All of these symbols have something to do with Christmas. As such, you will find snowflakes, snowmen, Santa himself, angels, reindeers, various decorations and so on on the reels. Note that the screen is split into 3 different zones as well. The top part will statistically trigger wins often, but of low value. The bottom part pays more rarely but is more likely to trigger big wins. The middle part is naturally in between the 2 extremes. 

As you know now, only combinations of 3 symbols count as valid in Santa 3x3. This also means that you can win up to 9 times at once in a single spin. Your maximum reward could amount to 500 times your stake, which is quite impressive if you manage to score many big wins at once.

A Somewhat Disconcerting Game

Santa 3x3 bets on originality and offers players an entirely new experience on the reels. On the positive side, you can see that players looking for something new and different would be very interesting in giving Santa 3x3 a fair try. The gameplay is actually quite simple once you have gotten used to the unusual setup of the game. 

In terms of cash rewards alone, Santa 3x3 can prove rewarding if you manage to score several combinations side by side and add up their individual value. 

But that being said, you have probably noticed the absence of bonus features in Santa 3x3. No wilds, scatters or mini games are to be found here, so whatever you do you will be stuck in the base game, spinning the reels over and over. That might be a bit of a deal breaker for players who are most accustomed to such surprises, and this also makes the game a little monotonous. 

The low key graphics do not really convey the Christmas atmosphere you might have been expecting either.

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