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Deuces Wild Elite Video Poker

Follow-up iGaming releases truly are a marvel. There’s rarely a time when a game that warrants a follow-up, whether on account of popularity or a thematic necessity, isn’t highly revered in the relevant online gambling community for a long time. This most definitely rings true for Deuces Wild Elite, a game that is surely set to go a long way towards redefining online poker for everyone willing to load it up and give it a spin.

Taking the extremely sturdy premise of the original title, Deuces Wild, the honchos over at Spin Games headquarters in the USA have quite rightly decided to inject a brand new lease of life into easily their most revered video gambler – dropping earlier this year the ‘Elite’ version of the widely imitated original. How exciting.

Genetics of the Offspring

If any of you have ever had the pleasure of playing the original Deuces Wild title, it’s very likely the you will remember the clean cut and rather enviable design of it all. Software by Spin Games is never off the mark, but there was something about Deuces Wild that really set the bar beyond what the team had been putting out up until that point. Things remain largely unchanged with the sequel. An increased level of multi-channel compatibility aside, the aesthetics of this thing are every bit as stunning as its predecessor, though – and perhaps a little disappointingly – no better.

It would be a little presumptuous to expect a full graphic overhaul though, wouldn’t it? If the first was so effective in delivering the intended experience, then why would the developers even consider changing it? Surely the addition of the word ‘Elite’ to the title must be a reference to the processes on offer within the game itself?

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Deuces Wild Elite

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Bells and Whistles

One of the most underwhelming yet outright effective things about the original Deuces Wild title was its simplicity. The five card format always performs best within an uncluttered and neutral atmosphere, and that’s exactly what the team at Spin Games set out to provide. It’s very much the same in this case. Everything has its own right place and the functions of the game are immediately made obvious to anyone with even a slither or prior experience taking on a console of this kind.

One game feature that does warrant talking about in more depth however, is the choice to take forward the classic 52 card constitution as in the original. Though it’s hardly the end of the world, it does beg the question: what exactly about this version of the game makes it elite? Throughout the first few rounds of play this question never strays too far back into the subconscious. With each hand dealt, each wager placed, it remains constantly audible: what is there here that really warrants such a prestige rebrand?

But then it hits you, and hard. A series of potentially high-paying (very high indeed) combination sequences that propel play into the stratosphere and instantly forgive all previous gripes regarding an apparent lack of evolution. In regular play, the player is dealt their initial five cards and given the chance to reshoot for a better hand if possible. As the hand progresses, a whole host of additional bonuses are made available to the player based on the strength or lack thereof, of their hand.

Potential and Power

Whether you’re into low limit stuff or you’re a self-proclaimed high roller, it’s fair to say that Deuces Wild Elit is worth a fair share of your allotted new game time when the next opportunity arises. It really is quite well suited to players of all preferences. That being said, the game is engineered mostly towards the cash wielding players – it is after all from Spin Games, a house reputed for their gambling software.

To augment the suitability of this game all any player really needs to do is make some changes to their desired wager amounts. There’s only really so far that those high rollers among you are going to get with a max limit per hand of 5 credits, anyway!

Rounding Up

To round things up, this is a game on very much the same standing as its coveted predecessor. There’s plenty to enjoy here regardless of youe skill level or desired stake input. As all good games are today, Deuces Wild Elite is very well engineered in a way that makes it a treat for players of any preference or style – providing of course they’re on-board with video poker.

A solid and safe bet if you fancy a little change of scenery, or of course for big fans of the first title. As far as being the latest video poker release from the Spin Games family, you could do a lot worse than checking out Deuces Wild Elite next time you log on.

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