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Fruits Slot Machine

There are no end of titles called Fruits or similar, so when you come across yet another with that name, you can’t help but be disappointed before it’s even started. It’s a sad fact that we all judge an activity before we play it, which is why we come along and do the work for you so you don’t have to. Our reviews mean you can rid yourself of bad games before ever having played them. 

This 5-reel, 40-paylines slot machine is a game we think you’ll want to play - it may look like your basic package, but it’s far from it. And the rewards are very giving, meaning you can be totting up quite the total before too long. Then there are several bonus rounds, that’s right, several, so the action doesn’t get too repetitive or boring. 

There is a lot to get through here, so hold onto your seats as we’re going to be whizzing through everything to make sure we cover it. 

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Squashed Fruit

When the game loads you’re presented with a blank white screen, with no grid outline in sight. Then the tiles load up, followed by a minimal set of controls. It looks unfinished due to how accustomed we’ve become to fancy video slots and ornate detailings to suck us in, but try to let the minimalist design wash over you. It’s very zen. 

Move your cursor along each of the icons and they will enlarge slightly, though you can’t do anything if you happen to click them. Beside them you will see several of the icons outlines, but with the insides empty – this is hinting at the bonuses waiting for you. You need to find five of each of them, fill the outlines, and then the corresponding mini level will load. 

Going back to the squashed fruit line, that’s actually what happens when you make a winning combination, all the fruit splatters on your screen and then the totals are added up. We found that we got a lot of winning combos in one go, virtually every time; maybe it was a fluke, but it certainly made us happier and richer. 

Bonus Fruits

As you can see, not all the bonuses are food related, there is a dice and J outline waiting to be filled as well. But for the most part it’s fruits all the way. To try and make discussing each level easier, we’ve broken them down into bite size chunks.

  • The Grapes Bonus - This round asks you to select the good batches of fruit from the bad, avoiding the orders littered with bugs and worms as they eat away at any wins you’ve already made.
  • The Cherry Bonus - You basically have two attempts to find as many cherries as possible.
  • The Dice Bonus - Match the number on the die with the fruits and your harvest will be a plentiful one. 

As you can see, only three different bonus games trigger, despite there being four bonus symbols to discover. 

Betting Fruits

By now you’ve noticed we keep adding the words fruits onto everything, but it’s okay as that’s the done thing these days. 

Betting starts from 0.01 per payline, meaning your first stake may only be 0.40 which isn’t going to sting anyone, however it can be increased up to 0.10 per line, giving you a 4 credits wager. Neither is massive, we think you’ll agree, meaning that Fruits have taken into account all types of gamer. Furthermore, they give a lot of features for such a small pay-in, though the amounts you win aren’t that amazing. 

There are no other buttons other than the lines, bets, spins and then the settings, and so you’re going to have to play manually without the aid of max bets or autospins. It’s a shame, but it won’t change up your experience too much. It’ll only make it more tedious should you play for prolonged periods. 

Conclusion (Fruits)

Fruits is a good game. We like it. It’s cheap and cheerful, attractive yet simple. But it isn’t about to change the way we want our video slots to look and feel. It’s more like a break from the overwhelming nature of some games, to get you back to the pure basics of slot machines; a bit of respite, if you will.

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