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Spigo Slots

Spigo are purveyors of casual casino games. In addition to crafting superior games, they’re also one of the most fun-loving software companies you’ll ever encounter.

Everything about this upbeat outfit screams fun, fun, fun. They’re a buoyant bunch with a love of vibrant colours and cute, larger-than-life cartoon characters – the sort that surface in their slots and other games.

With a website that’s every bit as slick as their products, Spigo are the finished product, a firm whose neat aesthetics permeate everything they do. The Scandinavian company is privately owned and is registered in both Miami and Malta. In addition to being regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, Spigo accords to the legislation laid out by the Danish Gaming Authority.

From Humble Beginnings

Spigo was founded in Denmark a decade ago as a community games website. Even back then, however, it was an outward-looking company with an eye on overseas markets. Their first website operated in 16 languages and served 20 countries.

Within the first 5 years of its existence, Spigo released a procession of small to mid-sized games at a rate of around 1 a month. During this period, their site saw some 25 million visits. Buoyed by this early success, Spigo expanded its operations in 2012 with the release of a new games platform, geared around the growing mobile market.

Up until this point, Spigo had marketed its products primarily at consumers. Now it made the move from B2C to B2B, delivering a new games platform that was scalable and designed to boost revenue for its operators. At the heart of the company is a strong, moralistic ethos in which fair play is paramount. The company’s games and gaming platforms are designed to be provably fair and to provide value for operators and players alike.

Spigo also espouses a strong team spirit, one in which every employee’s input is sought and no idea is too ‘out there’ to entertain.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Check out Spigo’s slick and cheerful website and you’ll be confronted by a progress bar showing some extremely impressive stats. A real-time display purports to show the number of players currently enjoying a spin on Spigo’s casino games, a figure that – depending on the time of day – will typically average around the 1,500 mark.

The running total of Spigo games played is even more impressive – in excess of 400 million and rising fast.

The final figure of note is a more modest but no less significant one – 11. That’s the number of partners the Danish company has currently linked with. Expect that figure – like all of the figures on Spigo’s website – to grow significantly in the coming months and years.

Loveable Casino Games

Spigo was born out of a collective desire to create highly creative and entertaining games. In the years since its inception, the company has made good on this promise, having formed partnerships with some of the industry’s leading lights. Spigo’s primary market is B2B, even if its games are ultimately destined for consumers, the final arbiters of whether Spigo’s products hold water.

Spigo’s casino games are designed to play perfectly on any device. Whether accessing an online casino on mobile or desktop, players can expect the same quality user experience and the option of playing for fun or for real money. The firm’s slots encompass a number of progressive jackpots to entice high rollers and players who dream of winning big. Spigo’s slots are feature-rich, with a dizzying array of ways to land prizes, from free spins to bonus games.

They also incorporate loyalty programs and other features to keep players returning for more.

Business at the Backend

Behind the scenes, while the reels are rolling and lights are flashing, Spigo’s API is linking seamlessly with the casino’s backend platform, complete with admin and back office integration. Spigo use Gaas (Games as a Service) in conjunction with Rackspace, one of the world’s largest hosting providers. This enables them to provide a lightning fast network on which to run their game, aided by distribution network Akamai.

While Spigo is naturally committed to making its games as enjoyable as possible, a chief priority is operating completely transparently. In practice, this means being completely open with its partners about the security measures it implements and the steps it takes to fix any bugs and glitches that may arise.

Spigo have successfully developed an extremely robust framework that is able to withstand the rigours of constant daily use, as tens of thousands of hours of play and extensive stress testing has shown.

Building Games with Spigo

Spigo have gotten so good at building games for themselves, they’ve widened their remit to offer custom-built games as a service. This enables casinos, betting shops and other operators to treat their customers to branded slot machines designed to their specifications. To achieve this, the Danish development firm use a piece of technology they’ve billed the SpigoBUILDER. This is the software they use to design and develop custom slot machines to their clients’ rigorous specifications. The benefits to casinos are substantial, not only from a branding standpoint, but as a mechanism to increase player loyalty and to offer an exclusive product that can’t be found at other casinos.

When it comes to conceiving and designing the game, the only limits are the client’s imagination. It could be a game based on the casino brand, the city, a local sports team or a historical legend. Once the concept has been developed, Spigo will work with the client to identify how they’d like the game to function. This could be a conventional slot or it could be one that incorporates special bonus features and symbols. While some clients will want to supply a detailed brief, others will be happy to provide a basic concept and leave it to Spigo to figure out the rest.

Danish-Designed Games

Spigo’s catalogue is a beautifully laid out portfolio detailing the company’s games complete with skill and volatility ratings. Diamonds is their take on Candy Crush. Players have to match diamonds of the same colour in a row. Get a match and the row will disappear to be replaced by more diamonds. With a bit of luck (and skill), cascading diamonds can herald big wins.

Spigo’s statistics are so detailed, operators can even determine the average time spent playing the game, average session revenue and RTP.

FreeCell is Spigo’s attempt at solitaire, inspired by the maddeningly addictive version that used to come bundled with Windows. Players must complete the 4 boxes in order of suit from ace to king. FreeCell includes a jackpot spin that can be local or progressive depending on how the game’s configured. They’ve also produced 7 Solitaire, which features a sharp design and prizes that scale according to the value of the stake.

Other Spigo games include Tivoli, based on Copenhagen’s famous amusement park, dice game Yatzy and subsea mermaid adventure Tropicana.

Spigo in a Nutshell

Spigo might just be the neatest and most well-organised gaming company in the world. Operators can’t fail to be impressed by the Danish company’s portfolio of games, first-class website and meticulous eye for detail.

Best of all, with the ability for casinos to partner with the Scandinavian devs to create their own branded slots, Spigo offer the best of both worlds: off-the-shelf games that can link seamlessly to an existing casino platform via an API coupled with bespoke solutions that offer something new for operators and players alike.

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