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Trips to the zoo are the best, they’re what childhood memories and adult photo opportunities are made of. There is always a cute animal to snap a shot of, or a great landscape picture that will make your social media feeds pop. There’s something for everyone. 

That’s kind of what you’re getting with Zoo from Spigo, a 5-reels 40 paylines slot machine, the only real difference being that none of the animals are real and they tend to pay you money. Now unless you’ve been doing some dodgy dealings with the lions over at their enclosure, this isn’t a normal situation, which is why the game is so fun. It takes something we love and makes it better, and more accessible. 

With a low bet starting point, a series of bonus rounds, and the chance to win a load of free spins, Spigo will be keeping you busy with this title for hours on end. 

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Queue in an Orderly Fashion

Pushing and shoving doesn’t get you anywhere when waiting for entry, so take your time and learn to be patient, these animals aren’t going anywhere, and neither are their prizes. When it gets to your turn, you simply need to decide on the number of lines you want to play with, and how much is played on each of them. 

There are 40 paylines in total, but you’re able to reduce that amount down to 1. However if you’re wanting the best chance at winning money, you’re best sticking to 10 or above. Just tap the up or down arrow and you will scroll through the lines, able to tweak as you go. 

In a similar vein, you do much of the same when setting your stake: the min amount you can play with is 0.01 and the max is 0.10. As you can see, this isn’t an expensive pastime to savour, so if you can go all out with a max bet of 4 credits because why not! 

Bonus Jungle!

You’re not really in the jungle, but the bonuses you can get make it feel like you are, and a zoo that feels like a jungle is a must have experience for everyone involved. To access these bonuses, you’re going to need five matches of the corresponding symbols, which sounds easy but it isn’t in practice. This is because while the game has low volatility for normal payouts, the features seem harder to come by. 

In one of the mini games you need to feed the sea lions for the audience's amusement, the only thing is, not all of them are hungry. Your job? To find the ones that are because if you don’t, the game will end. If that wasn’t enough, you then have a level where you match the eggs with the correct parents, which sounds easy but is pretty tricky, and nobody likes being handed the wrong baby! 

Finally, you then have to ensure that all your animals get a goodnight’s sleep, and that means turning off the lights that are disturbing them - can you successfully match them? We didn’t. 

Fun for Everyone

Honestly, Zoo is a good slot machine, though don’t be expecting it to suddenly make you the richest person alive, for the payouts aren’t that grand. Spigo have gone with substance rather than rewards, meaning you get plenty of opportunities to play the extras, but those extras won’t be giving you any massive prizes. 

It’s understandable that a lot of the wins are no more than a couple of credits because the stake you can play isn’t that big either. 

Monetary gain or not, this title should be played and appreciated for the solid game that it is.

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