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Jewels of the Ancients Slots

Jewels of the Ancients completely caught us off guard when it loaded up, and so it probably will you too. We’d become so accustomed to seeing old school graphics and formats in Slotland’s slot machines that we just figured that was what they did best, oh how wrong we were.

This Gothic title is proof of that, with a smooth interface, high quality graphics and a palpable theme; for the first time ever, Slotland has made an immersive game because of the tale it weaves.

An Accidental Discovery

Inside an abandoned time worn chapel is where you’ll stumble upon the ornate network of symbols, its menacing gargoyle guardians towering over you as you tentatively feel the rough stonework. Its 5-reels encased in archways are your only means of escape now, so if they fail you all will be lost, and the secrets of these ancients along with it.

There are some foaming potions to sample if you’re feeling brave enough, and a limited supply of silver bullets should the howling outside deafen you into a frenzy, but these are nothing more than trinkets to tide you over until you hit the progressive jackpot. Whoever owns this place won’t give that money up easily, especially given how long it’s been in their possession.

Let’s hope there’s no blood moon tonight, for your sake.

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Jewels of the Ancients

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Novice Beginnings

Your eyes are going to be your saviours here, for they will be able to see clearly the value with which you play and how successful that offering has been received.

Below the glowing jackpot tally is where you’ll locate three stained glass windows, two of which have numbers etched into them, the crimson hue pulsating: these are your bet and payline amounts. Very carefully you need to tap on them to change their amounts; the left indicator will reduce or increase your stake, the range available between 0.20 and 4 credits, while the right will alter the winlines. The maximum amount you can play with is 19 and the lowest is 1, so far so normal.

What is more intriguing though, is that you can change the winlines via the tombstones towards the bottom of the screen, essentially giving you two chances to rethink your decision. Nothing like doubt to throw you off when it comes to the crunch. Even though having the two options seems unnecessary, the execution of the design makes it acceptable.

So how do you spin the reels? That would be by activating the ferocious dragon sculpture to your right, its nosering burning brightly to show you where you pull the handle. Every time you click it to spin, it will bow down to you. Yet another exceptional game mechanism we can marvel at as we play.

Relic Hunt

The silver of the full moon is your scatter and bonus symbol combined into one; it can gift you considerable funds regardless of where it lands, and take you to a level where several gold relics can be found.

Upon reaching the feature activity, users will be faced with a matrix of stained glass windows, their job to seek out three of the same icons behind the panes. These kind of match ups can be tricky, but Slotland have been so kind as to include hints in the main game, which trigger when you find a golden relic upon your normal reels. Should this happen, it will become illuminated in another part of the chapel, that illumination passed on when you go into the bonus round.

Riches for a Price

As we’ve already mentioned, the >jackpot here is progressive and so can be most giving. But that generosity comes at a price, the sum of 20 credits to be specific. If you ever want to be in with a chance of obtaining it, you’ll have to have a minimum stake of 20 for every game that you play. Obviously the ancients don’t want their wealth going to just anyone, it has to be someone worthy enough to own it.

Dawn Approaches

The harsh light of the rising sun will signal to you that your quest has come to an end, and that you’ve either successful got the goods or failed to find them once more. However your luck should pan out, one thing you’ll always take away from this slot machine is that it’s the best Slotland has to offer.

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