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Greatest Hits Slot

Aren’t you that famous singer? The one who made it big as if overnight? Oh man, we’re so stoked to finally meet you!

We haven’t gone mad, folks, we’re just preparing you for the aftermath of playing Greatest Hits, another classic gem from Slotland. The name sort of gives it away, but it’s all about music making in this 5-reels 3 rows slot, but not just any music, your music. Players will be recording their way to the top, dropping various new albums as they go.

Going platinum with a new album is hard work, so you need to be mentally ready to take on the critics and all 19 of the paylines, if you’re to stand a chance. Manage it and you’ll get some big bucks, you might even be getting into the millions if the fans eat up what you’re putting out. Not that we want to rush you or anything – you’ve got miles to travel before you’re anywhere near that level. And many social occasions and match making to do.

The addition of singing into your hairbrush is completely optional.

At the Very Beginning

It starts with a dream, the drive to be known, respected and loved for your craft, your tools being your beautiful voice. Having pipes of pure gold go a long way, but money helps a lot too, quite a bit in fact when it comes down to playing Greatest Hits.

To set your bet you need to look along the left hand side of the jukebox, upon the strip of electric blue, there you’ll see figures between 0.20 and 4 credits. Select the tune you want and it will play out on all of the paylines. Which reminds us, about them.

They’re set by the digital counter and arrows above; whatever the number you’re playing with, it will show up on the display to make tuning up convenient. If you play with all 19 winlines and only bet 0.20 your total will be 3.80, but stake 4 credits on them and it’ll be 74.

The digital display at the head of the jukebox is the jackpot pool, where he progressive payout can be watched as it increases over the duration of your game; a lot of windfalls can be had when playing Greatest Hits, 10,000,000 if you want to get technical. That’s a villa in Spain and a getaway in New England handed to you on a money platter. As the lead artist, it’s your duty to get the jackpot to its highest point, which is a challenge that has ended the careers of a lot of performers before you. Hopefully you’ll be able to raise up where they fell.

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Greatest Hits

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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On Vinyl

Greatest Hits doesn’t deal in MP3s and iTunes, it’s about those stunning grooved discs and the slight crackle they might when the needle hits them. Unlocking the bonus round is done by collecting three of them; this is when your latest album will go live. To ensure it’s well received, a great deal of scatter symbols will be required to help the gauge needle fluctuate.

These scatters come in the form of the US Top 10, World Top 10, a Live World Tour, and a Golden Award (all of them are labelled as such to avoid getting muddled).

You’ll know you’re on the right track, not only by the icons you find but also the way the vinyls on the dash of the jukebox light up, as well as the records counter with its multiplier attached. Slotland have gone all out here to ensure that you’re rewarded for your graft.

Simply the Best

Tina Turner wasn’t singing about this game, but she might as well have been because Greatest Hits is the best around. Despite the foundations of the slot being very similar to their other titles, the add-ons that have been made, as well as the inclusion of a more enticing theme, have helped make it as great as the music it produces.

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