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Slotland Slot Machines

Slotland is an online casino where players can enjoy a wide range of classic casino games including video poker and slots of all kinds. Slotland is different from other web-based casinos in that it develops all its own games. Traditionally, casinos sign licensing deals with independent games developers and then integrate their titles with their own platform via an API.

In choosing to keep everything in-house, Slotland is able to save money, but the benefits of doing so extend way beyond boosting its bottom line. In its guise as games developer and casino operator, Slotland is perfectly poised to assess and analyse its games in action.

What works? What doesn’t? What do players go for? What features do they seem to enjoy the most? By constantly obtaining feedback on the games it releases to the public, Slotland is able to refine and perfect its existing titles and to develop new ones that incorporate the features the paying public would like to see.

Additionally, because Slotland creates its own titles, it give the games to be found in the casino a harmonious feel. There’s plenty of variety and originality to be found amidst the slots and table games, but there’s also a common thread running through them that makes it easy to jump from one game to another without having to first acquaint yourself with a new layout and new rules.

The Founding of Slotland

Slotland was founded over 15 years ago with a mandate to shake up the online casino industry. The company seems to have been successful in that respect; today it boasts of having hundreds of thousands of players, lured by its proprietary slots that promise big jackpots. With a top prize of over $100,000, Slotland’s games are certainly lucrative.

In addition to its desktop casino, Slotland’s games have been designed to work on mobile and tablet. This is achieved through simply visiting the casino on a mobile device or by scanning in the QR code that the company provides. This will lead players directly to a page where they can create an account and start gaming. Founded in 1998, Slotland Entertainment S.A is licensed and registered with the Government of Anjouan.

In-House Games to Be Played In-Browser

Slotland’s games are designed to work in-browser with no special software required. The site is dedicated to perfecting no-download games. These are coded in HTML5, allowing players to start spinning the reels almost instantly. While customers will naturally be lured to the casino by the range and quality of the games on offer, the firm’s devs have done more than simply create pretty looking games. They’ve also been independently audited to ensure that they are provably fair and that they provide honest payouts.

Spin Some Reels

Many of Slotland’s games share a progressive jackpot that increases as players pump more money into the games, which are linked together. There are also standalone games however, with themes and features that are diverse and entertaining. The best way to get a feel for what Slotland’s devs are capable of coming up with is by visiting the casino and checking out their flagship slots. Every single game you see on the site was conceived, designed and developed in-house.

Phantom of the Opera is a good introduction to what Slotland are capable of. The 5x4 slot has 5 paylines and is equipped with all the usual features including wild symbols, free spins and no less than 5 bonus options. Maximum win multipliers make it possible to scoop some serious money from the Phantom.

The game’s symbols are beautifully designed, with stunning depth and detail bringing them to life. These include opera glasses, a fan, a precious gem and the phantom’s mask. The slot delivers a pretty faithful interpretation of the dramatic love story that’s enchanted millions of theatre-goers. The wild symbol, which substitutes for any of the regular playing symbols, is in the form of a letter sealed with red wax, while scatters will secure entry to the bonus round by scoring at least 3 symbols.

Phantom of the Opera showcases the talent and attention-to-detail of Slotland’s software developers. The game can comfortably hold its own against titles produced by any of the major gaming houses.

Don’t Let Your Themes Be Memes

Thematically, Slotland have mixed things up with their slots, with customers able to choose between games that veer from the cliched to the highly original. While some memes, such as Egyptian mythology, feature prominently – in this case as 5-reel effort Gods of Egypt – there are others that display more creativity.

Piggy Bank warrants a look for its cutesy graphics and fun Pick a Pig bonus round. Treasure Island is Slotland’s obligatory pirate game and Super Sevens is their obligatory tribute to the magical lucky number that is 7 (rendered in red, of course).

Ice Queen is more inventive, with a bonus round in which you’ll come face to face with the foreboding protagonist herself. Petrol heads will relish playing Turbo GT, which promises free spins upon free spins, and music fans will take a liking to Greatest Hits, whose soundtrack is every bit as epic as its gameplay. Other games from the enterprising development company include Fruit Mania, Pearls of Atlantis, Tikal Treasure and 3-wheel single payline game Witch’s Brew.

Video Poker

When it comes to poker, Slotland have excelled themselves. The graphics that feature in their video poker games can’t rival those of the firm’s slots, but this is true across the industry. Video poker is more about function than form, and Slotland’s poker games function perfectly.

Double Bonus Poker is a good example of what to expect from the software company-cum-casino operator. The game, a twist on Jacks or Better, gives a higher payout for 4 of a kind combos such as 4 aces. It also features a double up round. The game can be played with a bet of anywhere from 1 to 5 coins and uses the usual 52 card deck. The playing card designs are clean and legible, allowing players to determine their hand at a glance, whether on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Slotland’s video poker games include Aces and Eights, which again has higher payouts for 4 of a kind combinations, with aces and 8s naturally proving particularly valuable. Then there’s Deuces & Joker Wild, which fits in no less than 5 wild cards and a double up feature once again. The company also offers All American, a single hand poker game that pays out higher amounts for a straight flush, straight and flush. In Tens or Better, the lowest paying hand is two 10s, while Joker Wild does exactly what you’d expect.

Slick Slots and Other Games

It’s surprising that there aren’t more companies following Slotland’s model and keeping everything in-house, from game development to casino management. In truth, both roles are highly demanding, and most firms struggle to master one let alone both of these domains. Slotland’s business model appears to be working for them however, as 15 years’ successful trading demonstrates.

The slots they’ve released are excellent, and are of a calibre that puts many dedicated games developers to shame. Combined with competent video poker titles and table games and it would be fair to say that Slotland have got all bases covered.

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