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Viva Mexico Slots

Bright, colourful, fun and lively - that’s what awaits you inside the 5-reels and 9 winlines of Viva Mexico. This slot machine is so aptly named, as it fully embraces the culture and vividity of a destination known around the world. Should you think of this place without fondness, that is soon to change when you try the simple but appealing delights of this Roundstone International original game.

When we say simple, we don’t mean that you’re about to get a game with no variance whatsoever, but rather a real cash slot that has skillfully crafted its paytable to reward effectively and occasionally. This in turn keeps interest high, for you don’t get all the goods in one go; that’s the theory anyway.

With that in mind, let’s bid farewell to our siesta and hello to breaking open some pinatas - let the candy flow and the gaming commence!

Cause for Celebration

Mexico seems to be party central, true or not, and as as such the bonus round is most fitting with that eclectic persona; get three of the Mexico el Bonus and the level will begin.

It starts off simple enough, with a wide array of hats presented where the 3x5 grid once was; your job is to pick one. When we selected ours, we were than taken to three guitar cases, where we again had to select one from those shown; it was revealed later that inside each of them was a different level of multiplier. Our reward was only a x2 one, but it was a pleasant extra that we enjoyed adding to our mounting funds.

Speaking from a substance point of view, this round lacks variance, despite having two pick me features - there’s no depth or immersion when you play, just a predictable format we’ve seen a thousand times. It’s still enjoyable, but not the best experience we’ve had.

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Viva Mexico

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A Bid for Sweets

Your double or nothing takes on the form of two pinatas here, both of which twirl round, begging to be cracked open and their insides exposed. Okay, so we made it sound gruesome when in fact it’s joyful, but at least you get the idea now: you smash and you get a win. Hopefully.

Both pinatas will be cracked open, but only one will have sweets pouring out of it, while the other stays empty, a symbol of loss. We went a couple of rounds before we had to deal with the sadness of a barren pinata, and let us tell you that it’s not a nice experience. Money loss equals childhood dreams dashed in one go.

To be Serenaded

Music is kind to our ears, but the sound of cash is a much better noise to hear, and the only way for that tune to be made is for you to make a bet. Roundstone International does have a free play option for those unsure whether to risk it or not, but we much prefer going all in. We’re high rollers, and nothing will tell us otherwise.

Starting bets are 0.01 coins per line, which means that a min of 0.09 is all you’re looking at to get started; an accessible amount if ever we’ve seen one, meaning no end of players should be able to play. That total can be upped until it maxes out at 45 credits, a still reasonable but much higher stake nonetheless. What does get our goat, is that there’s no Max Bet widget, which seems ridiculous in any (fairly) modern slot machine like Viva Mexico.

Another no-go for us is the removal of the autospins, and what do you know, that’s happened here. Even though we can respect that not everyone favours being so relaxed about their gaming experience, to not have the option at all seems unfair to those gamers who appreciate relinquishing control. In truth it doesn’t affect the experience of the game too greatly, but the convenience of the controls is certainly hindered.

Oh, What a Night!

Viva Mexico may be colourful, and it may be the bringer of decent if not overwhelming cash prizes, but it isn’t a party you’ll want to join every night - the longevity isn’t made for it to be a regular player. Instead it is but a filler, a means of pleasantly wasting your time while you try out the many tastes that the online slot community has to offer.

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