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Silent Run Slot

Some names make sense from the off, while others provoke thoughtful curiosity in order to understand their meaning; the latter is what the slot machine Silent Run achieves.

When you first read or hear the name, you have no idea what it’s going to be about, it’s so ambiguous. However, once the game loads and you see that it's a submarine adventure in 5-reel format, the title makes sense. When on board a submarine, the ‘runs’ you make, aka the missions, are silent and deadly because you strike from under the waves.

As explosive as this all sounds, this is a Roundstone International game and so the effects at work here aren’t going to blow your mind - the brand may always ensure that their graphics are top notch, but not their features. Consequently, we’d describe this title as a retro slot inside a modern one, which allows it to span the genres and appeal to a wider network of players.

Going Under

The aesthetic here is exceptional, even for Roundstone we found this matrix to be most impressive; from the visuals you genuinely get a sense of being underwater, living in a confined space.

Each window of the sub provides a view of the symbols, each of them individual to the game itself. But that’s not all, there’s also cool blue waves rippling behind each of them, adding to that immersive effect. Crank wheels on either side of the grid detail the number of winlines and whether they’re active or not; next to each number is a light, either turned on or off.

As for the control panel underneath the 3x5 grid, that’s been designed to look like the controls of a real life submarine, and so the theme is continued, even outside of the 5-reels network of images.

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Silent Run

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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The gamble feature appears after most wins, although victories made during a free spin don’t get offered this doubling up bonus, though we’re not sure why. Nonetheless, an opportunity will present itself at some point, and therefore you need to be ready to take out an unsuspecting ship.

Two warships are out at sea, both eyeing each other up – your mission is to wipe one of them out, but there’s a catch, you don’t know which is the enemy and which isn’t. Only by launching the attack will you discover whether you walk away a hero with x2 bonus, or leave empty handed.

There’s a cash out option, as always, for those that don’t want to risk more money, or maybe you don’t feel as brave as you just did; whatever the reason, use it at will.

Underwater Mines

There’s not a lot of navigating that needs doing in order for you to walk away with a win, in fact Roundstone International have made the gameplay easy with its low variance and low to medium volatility. The wins will come, and they’ll usually do so quickly.

However, there will be times when the reels aren’t so kind, and the 9 paylines offer nothing to you. In those times you’ll no doubt ask if playing for real is worth it, and we’re here to help soothe your concerns.

The long and short of it is yes, it’s worth the punt. The reason we say this is that, despite the lack of depth in the game, the pay-in is incredibly small, only 0.09 credits in total. That amount for a chance to win 50,000 coins (one the highest figure ever seen in a Roundstone game) is pretty good going. It’s not often you get to put in so little for a chance of a return so large, so bite the bullet and get involved if you can.

Life at Sea

Silent Run is a real cash slot that has considerable enjoyment to offer, if not a lot of it; it’s entertainment factor is low when compared with other activities available out there, but that shouldn't’ deter you from playing. It’s convenient, easy to play and can reward you handsomely; besides having a paytable that keeps you guessing, what more could you ask for?

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