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Olympic Gods Slot

Take a trip back in time to enjoy the picturesque landscape of ancient Greece in Olympic Gods, the online video slot from Red Rake Gaming.

Frolic with some of the most famous deities in Greek mythology and hope for some good fortune too as you spin the reels for instant cash prizes.

But will this land by quite as idyllic as it looks? Here’s a review of Olympic Gods by Red Rake Gaming with all the essential facts you need for play.

In the Lap of the Gods

Greek mythology is a popular choice for slots and this game is no exception but developers Red Rake Gaming have done an excellent job in transporting players back in time. With the Aegean Sea in the background and classic Greek architecture, there’s an ambience which can’t be denied.

Take a closer look at the reels and you’ll see images and accessories of some of the most famous gods, goddesses, deities and nymphs in Greek history, but your mission is to see how many you can name….. As a starter, there’s Pan, one of the most recognisable faces along with Zeus, grasping the bolt of thunder. Hermes’ winged sandals also put in an appearance and Medusa’s hair snakes can just be spotted creeping around the neck of an urn.

Despite being rather cartoonlike, the graphics are well designed and vibrant with colour, helping to create a very immersive theme. The reels are small and nestled in the centre of the screen which is fine for laptops and larger screens but isn’t quite as ideal for more compact devices.

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Olympic Gods

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Reeling Around

This land of ancient Greece appears to be the very epitome of hedonism and entertainment, but you’ll have to drag yourself away if you want to win some cash.

There are 5 reels here waiting to be spun, set out in the usual 5x3 arrangement. There’s a maximum of 40 paylines which means there’s a large number of chances to snare a winning combination and scoop a prize. However, if you’re on a tight budget and trying to keep costs low, a large number of paylines may not be terribly welcome as it means each spin will be more expensive. You can opt to reduce the number of active paylines by clicking on the plus and minus keys on screen.

As an alternative to changing the paylines you can decide to reduce the coin value instead. This can also be done via controls on the main screen. Maximising the number of paylines while reducing the coin value increases your chances of a win but decreases the potential payout. When deciding how much to bet, don’t forget to multiply up the value per line. This value selected applies per active line so if you want to see how much the overall bet is you can either do a bit of speedy mental arithmetic – or check the “total” field on the game, which is the much easier option!

Go Wild with Thunder and Love

As well as the array of well known Greek figures on the reels which can be matched up to create a win, there’s a couple of very special images which can help you even more.

The god of all gods and the god of thunder, Zeus, makes an appearance as the first wild in the game being beautifully accompanied by Aphrodites, the goddess of love, as the other. Wilds are a common occurrence in online slots and regular players will be very familiar with the way in which they work. Substituting for the other tiles on the reels, wilds can make it easier to line up a win. Red Rake Gaming is quite unusual in incorporating two wilds into the pack; most slots only feature one.

The bonus phase in Olympic God isn’t exactly out of this world as it’s just a replay on the same reels but with a few extra twists. Wilds feature yet again but this time you’ll be treated to a sticky wild. This carries the same benefits as a regular wild but instead, adheres to the reels even when you respin. These sticky wilds will remain in position until you’ve scooped a prize so it’s a great advantage to have.

Out of this World

Olympic Gods from Red Rake Gaming is an online video slot in the very popular theme of Greek mythology yet still manages to stand out as unique. With a big payout possible for those chasing the top wins, and a simple structure for newbies, this title has something to please everyone.

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