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    Golden Egg Keno

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    Golden Egg Keno

    Keno has never been the most popular game in the casino, but there are a number of reasons why it remains offered at many major resorts to this day. It’s a very easy game to play, as anyone who has played a lottery already knows the basic flow of picking numbers and then seeing if they come out in a drawing. It also offers better odds than most state-run lotteries, and while you won’t win hundreds of millions of dollars like you can in Powerball, it’s still one of the easiest ways to instantly win a jackpot in a casino.

    Online keno retains some popularity for many of the same reasons. But as an added benefit, these games can add slight twists on the formula that you’d never see in a land-based venue. One excellent example is Golden Egg Keno, a variant on the game created by PlayPearls. While most of the game is just like the versions you’ve played before, a cute farm theme and the possibility of winning free plays could be enough to help this title stand out from the pack.

    How to Play

    Golden Egg Keno operates much like any other game of this type. At the start of each round, you’ll need to set your stake, with a wide range of options available. You’ll then be able to pick the numbers you’d like to play in the next drawing. You’ll be picking from a board of 80 numbers, with the option to take anywhere between one and 10 numbers (or “spots”) on each round. You can also hit an “autopick” button in order to automatically have 10 spots chosen for you at random.

    Once you’ve made your choices, it’s time to hit the play button. You’ll watch 20 eggs roll out, each of which corresponds to one of the numbers on the board. The object, as you may have guessed, is to match as many of these numbers with your picks as possible. The more matches you make, the better.

    The exact parameters of what you’ll need in order to win vary by the number of spots you’ve played. For instance, if you made just one pick, you’ll win if that number is chosen, and lose if it is not. Pick 10 numbers, and you’ll need to hit at least four to win, with more matches increasing your prize amount.

    One of the key things to be aware of is the fact that you will be paying for each drawing up front, and that money is not returned as a part of a winning round. In other words, this is like a slot machine or video poker, in which all odds are “for one” rather than “to one,” and a payout of 1-1 only means that you’ll be breaking even.

    The following are the pay tables for each number of picks you might make. If you make fewer matches than what we’ve displayed, then you will have lost on that round. The payouts for this title are as follows:

    Spots Played
    1 Spot
    2 Spots
    2: 8-1
    1: 1-1
    3 Spots
    3: 13-1
    2: 2-1
    1: 1-1
    4 Spots
    4: 140-1
    3: 5-1
    2: 1-1
    5 Spots
    5: 450-1
    4: 10-1
    3: 2-1
    2: 1-1
    6 Spots
    6: 1,000-1
    5: 100-1
    4: 10-1
    3: 1-1
    7 Spots
    7: 3,000-1
    6: 300-1
    5: 30-1
    4: 2-1
    3: 1-1
    8 Spots
    8: 5,000-1
    7: 1,000-1
    6: 75-1
    5: 5-1
    4: 2-1
    3: 1-1
    9 Spots
    9: 5,000-1
    8: 2,000-1
    7: 100-1
    6: 10-1
    5: 5-1
    4: 2-1
    3: 1-1
    10 Spots
    10: 10,000-1
    9: 7,500-1
    8: 500-1
    7: 100-1
    6: 10-1
    5: 5-1
    4: 1-1

    At the end of each round, your winnings will be paid out to you if you’ve made enough matches. You’ll then have the option to play again with the same numbers if you’d like, or to clear your board and make a new card to play for the next drawing.

    The Golden Egg

    As the title of this game would suggest, there is a small twist in the action that comes in the form of the golden egg itself. As you watch the numbers roll out on each round, you may notice that the final egg is a bit different. It is both larger and gold in color. In terms of prizes, this number is no different than any other. However, if you make a match with the golden egg, you will earn an immediate free play. This free bonus round will be played with the same selections and for the same stakes as the game that triggered it, and it is possible to retrigger the bonus by hitting the golden egg number again.

    No Strategy to Speak Of

    Given that keno is a strictly a game of chance, there’s no real strategy we can share with you in order to improve you odds or return to player in this game. We’d like to share the house edge figures as well, but they are not available, and the complex nature of the game (especially when you throw in the possibility of getting a free round) makes it difficult for us to speculate on how this compares to other versions of keno. Of course, you are more likely to get free rounds when you play ten spots instead of just one, which has to help your overall return; however, we aren’t sure how the RTP compares when playing different amounts of numbers, so any firm advice would be complete guesswork on our part.

    A Simple Game, But Well Designed

    Chances are that you already know whether or not you’re going to like keno. If you’re into more complex games of strategy, this one isn’t for you, while if you like playing the lottery or going after big jackpots, it might give you exactly what you’re looking for.

    But if you’re on the fence, there are a couple of things that might push you towards Golden Egg Keno. For one, there’s the added bonus of the free plays, which at least adds a tiny bit of drama to the end of rounds that otherwise aren’t going your way. We also liked the cartoonish graphics, and the idea of a chicken laying eggs to generate numbers was worth a chuckle.

    In the end, we imagine you’ll have a pretty clear picture of whether this game is right for you. But what we can say is that Golden Egg Keno runs smoothly, is well presented, and appears professionally made – so if you’re up for playing this sort of game, this is definitely a viable option.

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