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Turbo Keno

While it has never been the most popular game in the casino, keno definitely has its charm. When you’re at a live venue, you can play at a very comfortable pace, paying for multiple drawings and then watching the results come in every five minutes while you sit in a restaurant or a bar. And while the odds may not be as good as in a lot of other casino games, they’re basically a better version of the lottery, making them a good way to spend a few bucks when you don’t feel like more intense gambling.

When it comes to online play, however, speed is usually the name of the game. The virtual versions of this offering usually allow you to pick your own pace, while also offering fairer odds, making them more like playing a slot machine or a table game. InBet’s Turbo Keno takes that even further, ramping up the speed with a turbo option that allows you to play faster than ever before.

A Need for Speed

Like any other version of this classic, Turbo Keno is a game in which players pick numbers – or spots – out of a group of 80, then hope that those numbers will be chosen among the 20 that will be pulled in the next drawing. The more matches you make, the more you stand to win. Players can choose to play anywhere from one to 10 spots, with different winning requirements depending on the size of the ticket you’re playing.

The layout of this title is pretty simple, as it should be. The center of the screen is dominated by the play area, where the 80 numbers you can choose are all listed. To the left, you’ll see some options: this is where you can set the size of your bet, look at a history of recent results, take a look at the game rules, or clear your current selections. You can even have the game choose a random assortment of spots for you, with you determining how many you would like to play.

On the right, you’ll see your ticket, which has all of the bets you are currently playing. It is possible to play multiple wagers at once: for instance, you could pick six spots, then pick a different five, then pick eight that are a combination of those two, and then 10 at random – and do it all for the same drawing. This is a function we don’t see in many keno games across the Internet, so it was a nice addition.

After you pick some spots and decide you like them, you’ll want to hit the add button to lock in that bet. Once you’re ready to go, click the play button, and the drawing will quickly take place, with an animation showing the chosen balls falling from the top of the screen. If you want to speed things up even further, you can hit the turbo button (which takes the place of the play button after the drawing begins), which will instantly fast forward to the end of the round. There’s also an auto-play option that will run through drawings continuously until you ask for them to stop.

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Turbo Keno

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Ten Ways to Play

One of the great things about keno is the fact that players have a lot of control over the type of gameplay they want to experience. You may choose anywhere between one and 10 spots on each bet. The more you pick, the more of a jackpot win is possible, but the more variance you’ll experience as well.

The payouts and the number of spots you need to hit vary depending on how many you’ve played. This page isn’t the ideal place to list them all, but we can give a couple of examples. First, we’ll look at a relatively simple way to play: picking just two numbers. You’ll need to match at least one of those two to win a prize. Keeping in mind that your stake is considered lost when you pay for the ticket (so you’ve “lost” one unit by playing), the payouts are as follows:

  • One Spot: 1 Unit
  • Two: 10

On the other hand, the game can be a lot more complex if you choose a lot of spots for your wager. When you play with seven or more, you can earn a consolation prize just for hitting zero of your numbers! Here’s what the pay table looks like when you play the maximum of ten:

  • Zero: 2 Units
  • Five: 5
  • Six: 30
  • Seven: 100
  • Eight: 300
  • Nine: 2,000
  • Ten: 10,000
  • If you’re wondering about the odds, they vary tremendously: playing just one spot, for instance, has a pretty awful return to player (RTP) of 75%. But most other options are at 90% or higher, and the best of all is when you make two picks: this has an RTP of 98.1%, in line with some of the best games in any casino.

    Classic Gaming at a Faster Pace

    Keno may not be the first game that comes to mind when you envision a trip to the casino, but it has retained its place at resorts and online sites around the world for good reason: people love the relaxing nature of the gameplay. Turbo Keno keeps that action and adds in the ability to play at a much faster pace, allowing you to get your sessions played in record time. If you love keno and want to ramp up the speed of this normally leisurely game, then give this title a try.

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