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Pirate Slot Machine

Emerging from the team at Igrosoft comes the rather plainly named video slots game Pirate. In spite of the laconic name, the presentation of this game is actually quite gorgeous, with rich background scenery coupled with bright visuals and clean graphics. All together, it makes this a game that is attractive to the eye at first glance.

Furthermore, the game advertises a maximum bet size of 225 units of currency, which will no doubt attract people looking to bet big. Coupled with their penchant for making games with huge jackpots, Pirate has quite a reputation to live up to, so how will Pirate measure up to Igrosoft’s other endeavors?

Walking the Plank

Who doesn’t love a good pirate-themed game? At first glance this game appears to have it all, fearsome pirates, a bevy of images and symbols that signify life on the high seas, and a pirate with a hook hand to complete the illusion of sailing on far-away oceans. The game certainly looks charming enough – the bright colours and crisp graphics complement the stated theme really well, and the cartoonish way in which the game is designed gives it a sort of charming Wind Waker feel.

As mentioned before, Pirate looks pretty much what like what you’d expect from a video slot game bearing such a name. The symbols contain a variety of items that came straight out of Treasure Island, including a pair of cutlasses, treasure maps and chests, cannons, and a spyglass.

We’d like to note that the frequent application of the colour yellow stands out prominently when contrasted against the dark blue hue of the night sky in the background, making the game really “pop” visually. The menu design is somewhat different from Igrosoft’s other games, but it sports the same intuitive and user-friendly layout present in all of their video slots games.

Steering the Ship

As is also par for the course for Igrosoft, Pirate features a total of nine paylines, which only sounds low until you take into consideration the fact that you can bet a total of 25 coins per line (hence the advertised maximum bet of 225 coins per spin). Coin denominations cannot be changed, so this is their way of addressing that fact. The left-most button lets you access the help screens, and the middle buttons let you change the number of paylines active. The red and blue buttons let you bet the minimum and maximum number of coins respectively, and the “start” button lets you initiate a spin when ready. Press the A if you want to trigger auto-spins.

Locating the Hidden Treasures

Pirate doesn’t lack for the chance to win prizes, in spite of the lack of free spins or a progressive jackpot. The base jackpot is a huge 5,000 coins just for just one coin bet – multiply it by 225 and you are looking at a staggering six-figure jackpot! Then take into consideration the winnings multipliers and the presence of wild and scatter symbols on top of that, and you are now looking at serious earning potential. Every winning spin lets you go double or nothing – simply guess the color of a die as red or black. Succeed and double what you win. Guess wrong and lose everything. If all that wasn’t enough, there is also a bonus game!

Beware of the Skull and Crossbones

The bonus game is triggered by getting at least three chest symbols on your active paylines. It involves selecting prizes from a group of five chests, with some containing prizes and others just bones (the bones will end the round). If you get at least three additional barrels on the screen you’ll trigger the game’s second bonus round, where you are given another chance to open a barrel. If you get gems you win the game’s jackpot. Pick incorrectly and you’ll still walk away with your already established earnings.

Skullduggery at its Finest!

The verdict is in and Pirate is a winner! The game may not offer everything, but it more than makes up for that with its huge jackpots and deep, immersive gameplay. Igrosoft gives you plenty of chances to win, and the double or nothing round will certainly appeal to anybody looking to take a risk. True, this game isn’t a penny slot. But you have to spend money to win money – Igrosoft designs their games along that principle. But heck, even if you lowball at a dollar a spin isn’t so bad. Pirate is a game that rewards risk, but even the casual gambler will find plenty of reasons to come back to this game again and again.

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