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Lucky Haunter Slot Machine

From the ever-popular development team at Igrosoft comes Lucky Haunter, a video slots game that appears to take place in a seedy tavern complete with all the trappings one would expect to find – tavern food, games and plenty of alcohol.

The game retains the soft and simple hand-drawn style that is a signature of their works (except for that 3D keg, oddly enough). The colourful palette and the well-designed interface make this a very attractive proposition for potential gamblers, and given Igrosoft’s reputation for making games with huge jackpots this one looks to be another winner.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – how does the gameplay measure up to their established reputation?

Hauntingly Beautiful

It’s funny; when we first saw the name “Lucky Haunter” we immediately thought of the ghost-type Pokemon characters of old. Saying that, we weren’t expecting a Pokemon-themed video slots game when we loaded this game up, but the fact that it doesn’t revolve around ghosts of any kind shocked us.

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Lucky Haunter

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Instead it appears to take place in some kind of tavern. We would have figured from the “Lucky” in the title that it was meant to be a reflection of what one would expect to be when playing a slots game, but it seems to actually be the name of the fictitious tavern this game takes place in.

A lot of Igrosoft’s games were made way back in the day when online gambling was in its infancy. Perhaps it is for this reason that the games look very simple and somewhat dated when compared to more recent offerings. But the simple animations and crude outlines make this game seem charming, giving it sort of a retro late 1990s-esque vibe.

The game itself is designed very well, and it is no surprise that Lucky Haunter has held up for so long. The interface is incredibly easy to use and the pay table button elucidates everything you need to know in a few simple slides. The visuals look as clean and crisp as ever despite the game’s age.

Putting Luck to the Test

As is the case with most of Igrosoft’s games, there are nine paylines made available to you. There are no coin denominations in effect, but you can bet up to 25 coins on a single line, effectively serving the same purpose (albeit forcing a higher minimum spin price). The middle buttons change the number of pay lines in effect (only in odd numbers), and the right-most button lets you initiate a spin. The “double” button can only be activated when you get a winning spin, explained further below. There are wild and scatter symbols in play as well.

Seriously, Igrosoft isn’t afraid to play hardball when it comes to their prize jackpots. The base jackpot is 5,000 coins, extending as high as 187,500 credits on the most expensive spins. Tthe jackpot is not progressive, though, and there aren’t any free spin opportunities that might make winning that jackpot an easy feat. Igrosoft makes you pay – literally – to get those winning spins. This is especially true given the fact that Igrosoft lets you go double or nothing on every winning spin you make. The gimmick is the same as all of their other video slots games – you pick from a series of four cards, and if the cumulative total is higher than what the dealer has, you double your take. Should the reverse be true, you lose everything.

Order Another Round

The bonus game is triggered when you get at least three blue cork symbols anywhere on the reels. You get to select from a bunch of corks, under which a variety of bonus prizes await. If you don’t get any that say “exit”, you move to the Super Bonus Round. You have a 50/50 chance of winning the game’s ultimate prize if you select the plate that has a roast chicken under it. If you lose, you’ll still get your accrued winnings.

A Refreshing Tipple

As quirky as Lucky Haunter is, the simple appearance belies the winning potential that is contained therein. The staggering winning potential of this game is complemented by the game’s allowance of a “double or nothing” round every time you win, giving the risk-takers amongst us an additional thrill when looking to score big. There might not be a lot of paylines, but that doesn’t stop this game from offering plenty of other avenues to strike it rich.

The bonus games add an additional layer of depth to this already great game. Lucky Haunter is a game that offers plenty to keep both casual and hardcore gamblers alike interested and coming back for more.

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