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Sweet Life 2 Slots

Welcome to the life of your dreams! This is where you have to be to stand tall, proud and happy, because this is where you will get to experience the very best that life has to throw at you! And no, we are not selling you a fantasyland – this is the world of our beloved Igrosoft bear and his crazy antics in search of some sweet stash of honey! If you care to join him, there is a lot more in store for you – from rib-tickling humour to mind-bending jackpots.

It would be easy to dismiss Sweet Life 2 as just another basic, old-school slot that tries to lure you into checking your luck for the day out. But a few spins are all it would take for you to change your mind. Shall we see how?

Life through a Sweet Lens

Igrosoft – for those who don’t know what the deal is about this developer – is a hugely popular slot designer and developer that has a stronghold over gaming activities in Russia and Eastern Europe.

For many years, classic slots inspired by Russian landscape of unforgiving measures, unique folklores and amazing traditions have been mainstays of slot repertoire of Igrosoft. Sweet Life (we reviewed it here at Vegas Slots Online a while ago) was perhaps the breakthrough slot for them in the UK market, and Sweet Life 2 tries to build on that legacy.

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Sweet Life 2

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The idea here is the same. You, the spinner, has to help the lead character of this sweet story – a wild Siberian grizzly bear – find pots after pots of sweet honey by spinning the reel. Your happiness lies through these pots – so, make sure you get them all!

The visual appeal of Sweet Life 2 is much higher than its predecessor, as one might justly expect it to be. But keep your hopes in check – this slot was developed over 9 years ago, and stamps of those times are clearly visible.

So, the gist is, as long as you don’t expect high-end CGI 3D animations and sound-effects to boot them, you should be fine playing Sweet Life 2.

Symbols that Sweeten the Deal

It might sound tacky, but it had to be said – simply because Sweet Life 2 is, quite literally, all about sweetness. Regular symbols include a wasp nest, beekeeping kits, wild flowers and the most coveted of them all – barrels of honey. Regular symbols, for five-of-their-kind combinations pay up to 105,000 coins.

Before you go berserk looking at those big digits, we would like to remind you that the wagering limit here is significantly different than Sweet Life. 5 reels and 9 paylines do ring no alarms, but when you have to wager up to 100 coins per line, you are better off starting cautiously.

Coins themselves cannot be valued much (1 cent to 10 cents). This brings the total dollar value per spin, if one is to go all-guns-blazing and all-reels-reeling, turns out to be $90. Sounds better this way, doesn’t it?

Let’s Make it More Interesting!

So far, so good. But Sweet Life 2 takes enough pains to make this deal much sweeter for you through the characteristic bonus round that almost every Igrosoft slot seems to have. The wild symbol – the Siberian bear – isn’t of much note, and hence, we will not devote much space to it.

But the scatter symbol – a beehive – comes to the rescue, bringing a unique bonus round with it. Once you have three or more scatters out there on the screen (it doesn’t really matter which reel they appear on), you will be pushed into this stinging cauldron of multiple beehives. Be sure to take your pick judiciously though, because somewhere in there, camouflaged wickedly, is a wasp nest that you don’t want to touch at all.

While the payout criterion for this round isn’t too clear, we have enough reasons to believe that it leads to 3x multiplication of your base game winnings for that spin – sweet enough for us.

A cherry on top comes in the form of a Super Bonus Round. You automatically get to activate it, once you successfully finish the bonus round. Super Bonus Round is a straight-out, old-fashioned duel of double-or-go-home gamble. Risk it all and double it up, or take it home safely as it is – the call is all yours!

Sweet Treat

To be fair and square, the only way to enjoy Sweet Life 2 is to keep your expectations under your hat and just take it a bit easy. This is a very basic slot that might not appeal at all to high-rollers or those who believe in optimizing margins. This also means that it is a great slot for those just want to see what real-deal slots are all about.

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