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Gnome Slot Machine

If you are familiar with casinos, you will already be familiar with the one of the most popular games known to man. The ever-entertaining casino slots game format has endured the test of time and stands today as a common form of 21st century entertainment. Sadly, online casino slots are often found to feature the same theme over and over again, which has sadly tarnished the “genre as boring”.

However, there is a new game out that promises to deliver a fresh twist on a casino classic. The name of this new casino slot video game is Gnome and it delivers something that truly comes out of left field.

The name of this game is certainly a little bizarre. But while it is odd in premise there is enough hype surrounding this Igrosoft game to dictate that there is a little more to it. As well know there is no smoke without fire, so does Gnome live up to the hype?

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Step Into A Fantasy World

Gnomes are often small creatures in myths. The name of the game, “Gnome” does not accurately describe the images provided by this slot video game, as it veers away from this design approach. Saying that, this is game that is masterfully designed.

The reels take center stage within the game, ensuring that you won't miss any of the action. The framework of the reels adds a nice touch to its visual approach, giving it the feel of a “Gnome’s home”. There are small details everywhere that show the amount of design effort given to this game. There is a fireplace under the reels too which glow with a slow burn of embers that help provide the player with a homely feel.

Taking the UI for what it is, it can only be described as awesome. There are buttons on the bottom of the screen that work as the controls for the player. These buttons allow the player to choose the amount of paylines that will pay out in the game. There is also the bet button that allows you to increase the bet on each payline. A cool feature that is provided by the game is the Help button that explains the various different combinations you can make with the symbols provided. Many casino slot video games are a bit confusing when it comes to how you win, but Gnome steers clear of this and provides a multitude of help options.

Short In Stature, Big In Action

Any casino slots game worth its salt needs to run smoothly in order for it to deliver a seamless playing experience. Casino slot games that suffer from lag, crashes, and stuttering animations, are quickly panned critically and generally not worth playing.

Thankfully, Gnome suffers from none of these problems! The game is smooth, loud, and fast paced. The animations on the gnome are crisp as well, capturing him wiping the sweat off his own brow. We mentioned earlier how there was close attention paid to the smallest details. When you spin the reels, there are gears that spin which can be found under the reels. It's not an important part of the game play, but these small details add to the whole package to create a better playing experience.

The game itself is simple to play. The controls can be learned by anyone rather quickly allowing anyone to pick up and play it. Payline options are clearly displayed, while there is also a chance to double your payline when you win with a side mini game. This side mini game involves you picking from four random cards that are placed facedown. The card you pick must be higher than the face up card picked by the dealer. If your card is higher than the dealer's card, then you can double down again and quadruple your winnings!

This Gnome Stands Tall

With a wide array of games to choose from, Gnome stands tall and proud against the competition. Delivering an odd theme, when you find yourself playing Gnome you can expect to be highly engaged and entertained. If you have wanted to try something new within the world of online slots your prayers may have been answered, as this game will satisfy those cravings in an instant.

Even though Gnome may be a novelty as far as slot games are concerned, it has the staying power to live long beyond this. With fast paced game play and seriously high stakes, Gnome certainly makes for a wild ride across the reels!

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