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In the early days of slot machines, games came with just a single payline running horizontally across the middle of the reels. As technology improved, more and more paylines were added. And when video slots came along, the improved processing power of machines allowed for linked jackpots and exciting bonus features.

But slot gamblers can be a nostalgic bunch. For every 4,096-ways-to-win slot that attracts players, there is a simple game with minimal win lines and no bonuses. Not everyone wants free spins and progressive jackpots, after all.

You will find plenty of classic slots in the list of all-time best online slots, but does Genesis Gaming's Fa Fa Fa video slot deserve a place there? Let's take a trip to China to find out if this simplest of games really delivers. 

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Fa Fa Fa

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Play One Payline from Just 0.01 a Coin

Established in 2008, Genesis Gaming has a wide range of online slots to suit all players. While the better Genesis online slots tend to have five reels, there is still room in the developer's arsenal for the odd singe-payline treat.

Nothing in Genesis Gaming's portfolio quite comes close to Fa Fa Fa's simplicity, though. It's a 3-reel video slot with a single horizontal payline across the middle. There is just one character, a Mandarin phrase 'Fa', which roughly translates as "law" or "standard".

And when it comes to this online slot, everything is very much "standard" classic slots gambling. The game can be played for real cash, and coins begin at just 0.02. The 80.00 top bet will surely attract the bigger punters, however. The single payline runs left to right, and most of the symbols can fall "between the lines" for agonizing near-wins.

The free Fa Fa Fa slot machine was actually revamped in 2018 and this serves as something of a sequel to Genesis Gaming's original. Bigger payouts are promised, but it tends to differ from online casino to online casino. It's a good idea to play on various casinos and see which is best.

Fa Fa Fa comes mobile-optimized but we found the game worked best on a desktop machine. The software became a bit glitchy through an Android browser. There is a handy Autoplay button for players using desktop or mobile platforms.

Win 100 Coins with the Red Fa Symbols

If you know your online classic slots, you will know that the payouts can be pretty generous. After all, you are relying on hitting a single payline with every spin so the margin for error is tiny.

In Fa Fa Fa, there are just four regular symbols to hit. All of them are represented by the Fa character but come in different colors. Three green Fa symbols pays 25 coins, while three blue Fa symbols pays 50 coins. Three red Fa symbols pays a jackpot worth 100 coins. You can also earn 5 coins when you land three Fas of any color. When you land a winner, the Fa symbols burst into flames and jump out of the screen. It is probably the slot's best feature.

In reality, the 'Any 3' payout is your best friend in the Fa Fa Fa video slot. You only need to land three symbols of any color to win coins. Even two of the same color and one of a different color will result in you receiving a small cash.

Hunt the Wacky Panda for Classic Slot Fun

If you like classic slots with no fuss and few paylines, there is a surprising amount of choice out there. Let's start with Microgaming's cool and funky Wacky Panda video slot. The game is set in the Chinese jungle and features various cartoon characters, all represented by cheeky pandas. It's played on three reels and has one central payline for the player.

As in all good classic online slots, payouts can be made by simply hitting a single symbol on the win line. The panda with the watermelon on his head is a neat take on the AWP watermelon symbol and he pays 30 coins just by being present on the reels. Two watermelon pandas earns the gambler 45 coins. Grapes, bananas, melons, and various cute panda characters complete the range of symbols.

It's possible to change the number of coins you play as well. Betting three coins per spin, for example, will give you access to the game's top jackpot worth 3,333 coins.

Following a similar animal theme is Playtech's colorful Funky Monkey Jackpot video slot. The 2018 game is played on a 3D representation of a one-armed bandit for that authentic old-school feel. Coins start at just 0.01 and players can bet three coins per line.

Any three BAR symbols on the payline wins you a prize worth 10 coins. Prizes increase when you hit the right-colored BAR icons or items of fruit. It is possible to hit a real cash prize worth 888 coins if you are betting enough.

The difference between Funky Monkey Jackpot and its predecessor, however, is the progressive jackpot. If you hit three funky monkeys playing at your normal coin level, you will earn a prize worth 5,000 coins. However, if you play the game at the top coin level and hit the monkeys, you will earn a chance to go for the progressive jackpot.  

Indulge in Some Classic Single-Payline Fun Today

It is incredible to think that Charles Fey was developing the first slot machines in the late 19th century. But it is even more incredible to think that Fey's designs would remain popular to this day.

While Fey's early designs were crude, the concept has virtually remained untouched to this day. Fa Fa Fa wouldn't look out of place in a 19th century casino or gaming arcade. Luckily, if you enjoy classic slots with no bonus features or big jackpots, it's about as perfect a game as you are likely to find. Give the game a play for free today and see if the "law" is on your side.

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