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Livin’ Luxurious Slots

Ah, how the other half lives, eh? Well, that other half is soon to become you, thanks to the 5 reels of this sumptuous slot machine. Inside this gem-studded interface, you can spin your way to a life of security and wealth, and just with a small bet of 0.25 credits (you can go up to 500.00, though!). It would seem that Livin’ Luxurious isn’t as costly as we might have first thought…

Genesis Gaming’s wealth themed slot machine is one of many out there, this we know, but the way they’ve created the matrix, as well as the features, makes it one you want to play. Cast aside fakes and imitations, and make sure you’re playing with the real deal. After all, someone who wears faux jewels in a society such as this is just asking for trouble if they get found out. Trust us, we’ve watched Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives.

Look at Them Shine

Livin’ Luxurious is clearly one of the brand’s filler slots, given the lacklustre details when compared with Game of Swords, however that isn’t to say it doesn’t sparkle. In fact, it would be hard for it not to, seeing as so much of the 3x4 grid is covered with gold, diamonds and pearls. We’re just waiting for Marilyn Monroe to appear, and then the image will be complete.

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Livin' Luxurious

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There’s dangling chandeliers of clear gemstones, with purple plush material lining the back of the matrix like a chesterfield settee; it all screams luxury, yet something is amiss. This slot is lacking attention to detail. Don’t get us wrong, there’s detail in the aesthetic, but not as much as in games like Lion Dance Festival, which sadly damages how this slot is perceived. When gamers see a less than inspiring real cash slot, they resign it to be a gap filler, rather than a feature experience.

One Last Escape Route

Before you surrender yourself to a life of limos and champagne, there’s a get out of jail free card if you find the subject matter of Livin’ Luxurious too much. Perhaps you find it too feminine in its design, or merely that you don’t see a theme that’ll hold your interest for a prolonged period. Whatever your reasons, you need a plan B and fast.

Enter Taboo Spell, a title that sounds more naughty than what it actually is. It’s from Microgaming, so you can assured of high quality, and it has the same sort of setup as Livin’ Luxurious, with 25 winlines and free games. To us, we reckon a life of magic would be way more scary than a life of endless wealth, but who are we to judge you. Go, be free and enjoy your spellcasting!

Personalized Plates

Nothing says posh like a personalized numberplate, or any plate in general for that matter. This is probably why the scatter symbol is of a diamond encrusted LL: you need to be Livin’ Luxurious every moment of the day, and everything you own needs to emphasize that fact. These symbols aren’t just for show in this slot though, finding them is actually a matter of survival.

Or so we thought… it turns out that the scatter in this game has nothing to do with the free spins. In a surprise move by the brand, they’ve made their free games a random occurrence. So while the LL is a winner money wise, it’ll do nothing to get that feature game. We’re both impressed and upset that the rules we thought we knew have been done away with.

Should you be one of the few that launch the round, you’ll only get 6 spins, which seems a tad low to us, but thankfully there’s a ace in the hole: symbols upgrade themselves. The feather, watch and heart can all turn into diamond rings during the spins, and with a payout of 1,000 for the diamond ring in the base game, you can expect some hefty returns.

Too Good to Be True?

We’ve been living comfortably now for a couple of playthroughs and we have to say, this slot doesn’t seem to be the holy grail we had thought it to be. In fact, it all feels too good to be true. This is because of how misleading the title is: you think you’re getting luxury, when you’re actually getting knock off bargains. If you want want a quick blast of wealth, Livin’ Luxurious is a good means to do that, but whether it’ll ever amount to more than that is a tense question to ask.

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