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Hot 7's

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Hot 7's Slot Machine

Take a long, long trip down memory lane with this video slot game by Games OS, all the way back to your favourite land-based casino!

That is basically the offer behind Hot 7’s and its super retro style, blinking lights and tons of fun.

So let’s embark on an adventure with this classic slot machine.

True Old School Vibes

Hot 7’s is all about nostalgia, and the developers are betting a lot on its design to evoke that feeling.

What you are about to play is not just an online slot game but basically a slot game simulator, designed to make you feel as if you were actually sitting down in front of the machine in an actual casino. Everything is there: the blinking lights, the giant paytable on display on top of the machine, the quaint melody playing as the reels are spinning… Even the chatter of other machines and players in the background!

As far as immersion and realism are concerned, Hot 7’s is doing a great job at putting you in the shoes of an actual casino-goer. It is fun just to look at!

Straight to the Point

Don’t expect unnecessary frills here: Hot 7’s cuts right to the chase from the very beginning. Three reels and one central payline, that is all what hard-core gamblers need after all. And that is exactly what Hot 7’s is providing them.

Your goal will be obviously to line up a winning combination of three symbols on the payline in order to trigger the corresponding cash price. The coin value is set from the start of the game, and this is what you will have to work with. There are only three commands you need to concern yourself with, all located at the bottom of your machine.

The Bet One button allows you to bet one more coin on your next spin. You can bet between one and five coins each time. Depending on the number of coins in your wager, you will receive higher or lower cash rewards. Keep an eye on the slot machine pay table on top to check which reward column corresponds to your next bet.

Use the Spin button to let luck decide of the faith of your wager. Alternatively, hit the Bet Max button to immediately put five coins on the table and set the reels into motion. And that is all, you know all you need to in order to win big at Hot 7’s!

Combos Galore

There are nine different symbols in play, and they are all-time slot machine classics: Stars, Cherries, Lemons, Bells, Plums and Watermelons. Following these are three different kinds of Sevens: Icy Blue, Burning Red and Triple Burning Red with a black background.

Now if the symbols have an ascending order of value as per usual, here you will truly have to focus on combinations rather than on the value of individual symbols. For instance, a combination of one Star followed by anything else is winning, whereas you will need two Plums plus anything else to win a cash prize.

There are many possibilities available, and they are all indicated on the paytable above the reels. Very handy! Also, keep in mind that the rewards are all based on the initial slot coin denominations you are betting. Keep that in mind, as the ultimate game jackpot can be yours with three Triple Burning Sevens, but only if you have bet five coins on the spin in the first place.

Fun then, and Still Fun Now!

Hot 7’s is not an innovative game. It does not have impressive graphics, neither Bonus rounds nor Free Spins. Not even Wild and Scatter cards, which are now commonplace in modern video slot games. The gameplay is minimalistic; you really do not have to do a lot besides betting and spinning the reels.

So why should you even bother considering a game or two? Well, because Hot 7’s is just a lot of straightforward, honest fun. This game is a progressive slot, meaning in this case that 2% or all bets placed by players go to a common pot – which can be yours with a little luck. Those are very high stakes! And besides all this, Hot 7’s boasts a great deal of retro charm. Its simple gameplay makes it accessible to any player within seconds, and you will know right away what sort of reward you triggered. Hot 7’s might not look like much at first glance, but you should still give it a try and you might just be surprised!

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