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Freaky Fruits

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Freaky Fruits Slot Machine

Another day and another “Freaky” title seems to be upon us. Proving that this slot series has momentum to burn, it looks like the franchise is going to grow and grow. Freaky Fruits, following on from Freaky Cowyboys, is the name of the game and carries just as wacky fruit a fruit based theme as the name suggests.

CTMX/GamesOS Software as a company is known for producing high-quality games that appeal to new players and veterans alike. But as the market gets increasingly crowded, increasing levels of innovation are being called for, so how does this entry in its “Freaky” series measure up to prior releases?

Squeezing the Juice

The game’s aesthetic design and appeal is much like other “Freaky” titles, boasting the same bright colour palette, clean graphics, and goofy character designs. With the image of the fruit symbols being a particularly notable highlight. These almost look to be hand-drawn, which is a contrast with their usual vector style. The front panel and payline indicators feature a wood-carved look, and the backdrop is that of a verdant field, which gives a nice set of imagery for the viewer to look at. The menu presentation is, as is usual for CTMX/GamesOS Software, clean and functional.

Does Freaky Fruits host ground breaking features? Not really, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is both fun and functional.

Handle with Care

Freaky Fruits doesn’t differ from the usual video slots setup when it comes to controls, which should make it easy for anybody to jump right in and start spinning the reels. The left-most button gives you the choice to activate the spinner for five or ten spins at a time. Moving left, the next button allows you to change the value of the coins you play with, ranging from 0.01 to a high rate of $10, which goes higher than many of the other “Freaky” video slot games and allows you to make some big bets. The middle button allows you to adjust the number of pay lines in play (up to 20), and the next button lets you play all of the lines at once. If you wish to modify other settings in the game, the menu can be accessed from the left-most side.

Fruit baskets are this game’s wild symbols and the worm serves as its scatter symbol. If you get at least three worm symbols, you trigger the game’s bonus round. Unfortunately, there are no symbols that offer the chance to get free spins. Being frank, the lack of free spins really is disappointing see. Such an important feature within other slot games, it appears to be a glaring omission with Freaky Fruits.

Not Falling Far from the Tree

Freaky Fruits is rather sparse on bonus features, as it offers no jackpot payout and as previously mentioned there are no opportunities to earn free spins. Plus, as is the case with most of the other “Freaky” titles, there is neither a networked progressive jackpot nor any kind of score multiplier. However, that does not mean that you can’t earn big. There are only 20 paylines as opposed to the usual 30 for a “Freaky” title, but with a maximum coin denomination of 10 you can put some really big bets into play. From what you have probably already garnered from the above, when it comes to prizes Freaky Fruits really is a mixed bag.

This game’s bonus round, which is the only one it offers, involves a worm race. When activated, you are brought to a screen where you must choose between four worms to race. You get to compete in two races, and the better your worm places in each one the better your prize will be. Bizarrely odd in appearance, the wormy bonus game certainly carries some charm.

Icing on the Icy Cake

Freaky Fruits stands as yet another solid offering, even if it comes off as a bit bland in some aspects. The visuals are never lacking and the game itself is polished and clean, but it does lack in some key areas. The opportunity for really big payouts, as seen in Freaky Cowboys or Freaky Cars, is a little lacking within Freaky Fruits. Nevertheless, it serves as a well-made entry into the “Freaky” line of games, and it is worth taking a look at if you have the itch to spin a few slots. Bottom line, if you are in a pinch and fancy some slots action, the Freaky Fruits will certainly scratch that itch and you can always play for free if it doesn't tickle your fancy as a cash slot.

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