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Freaky Gym

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Freaky Gym Slots

CTMX/GamesOS Software is known for producing high quality and good-looking video slots games, with this latest addition to its “Freaky” series looking to be no different. Sporting a gymnasium theme, along with a roster of goofy characters, this game look attractive and whimsical from the get-go, but how does it measure up to other titles such as Freaky Fruits in terms of its features and payouts?

Sweat It Out

When you look at Freaky Gym, one thing will become immediately clear, as this game does not lack for colour. In fact, it actually looks kind of bright and gaudy. The images of the characters look to be rendered in a somewhat crude 3D fashion. When this is coupled with the splashy colors of the UI it gives this game a really retro 90s-feel. While brash and not to everyone’s taste, it does give the game a distinctive feel of its own when compared to some of the other “Freaky” series games. As one would expect, the backdrop consists of a gym. The music and sound effects aren’t lacking here, either, which is good news for a solid mobile slot.

The menu on the bottom has a very neat and has plastic-like look to it, so you won’t have any issues figuring out what option does what, as they are labeled cleanly and clearly. The gauge on the right side of the screen also stands out, as its function is not immediately obvious, so much so that one would be tempted to give the reel a few spins just to see what it does.

Considering that it is an entry in the “Freaky” series, its graphics were never going to be revolutionary. However, saying that what Freaky Gym offers up it easy on the eye and simple enough to navigate.

Load up the Weight

Save for the aforementioned gauge, Freaky Gym doesn’t deviate far from the established video slots formula. The coin denomination (0.05 to 5) and number of pay lines in play can be adjusted with the buttons on the bottom, and the auto-spinner can be set to go for five or ten spins at a time. Further options can be accessed by clicking the menu on the left-most side of the screen, which allows for increased customisation should it be required.

The game has no wild symbol, but it does feature a scatter symbol, which can be used to activate one of the game’s bonus features. The Freaky Pot serves as the game’s unique feature, when used correctly it helps to either ameliorate the damage from a string of bad spins or rewards you more when you bet big.

Feel the Burn

Freaky Gym offers a rather robust payout system, especially when compared with other games in the “Freaky” series. While no progressive payout is offered, the game boasts a hefty 3,000-coin jackpot, and the pay multipliers makes the potential for big payouts a reality for lucky winners. This is a nickel game and because the coin denominations start at 0.05 as opposed to the usual of 0.01, the game doesn’t allow for really small micro bets. Of course, the Freaky Pot helps to make up for that.

Furthermore, Freaky Gym gives you the opportunity to obtain one of three bonuses. The first one is activated when you get three or more scatter symbols, as this will give you anywhere between 3 to 10 free spins to work with, depending on how many scatter symbols you get. The second is activated when you get three “stop watch” symbols on any active payline. This takes you to a mini-game where you can select one of three competitors in a contest. If your pick does better than the others, you will win.

The last bonus is the Freaky Pot. This feature takes 5% of your bets and deposits it into the Freaky Pot. After 60 spins the winnings are awarded back to you, which guarantees that you’ll get something even if you are beset by a string of losing spins. The pot grows more if you bet big, which gives you an incentive to bet higher and put more paylines into play.

Pumping Serious Iron

Freaky Gym stands out as one of the better entries in the “Freaky” series, as it once again showcases the quality of games consistently produced by CTMX/GamesOS Software. While none of the “Freaky” titles are poorly made, this one stands out due to the number of opportunities it gives for big payouts, including jackpots, score multipliers, three bonuses, and the Freaky Pot. Overall, this is an excellent video slots game and it would behoove even the most casual player to give it a glance.

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