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GamesOS Software Review

One of the harsh realities of being a gaming solutions provider for online casino companies is that despite your products being ubiquitous, only those in the industry itself tend to know you’re there.

GamesOS are a company that probably takes that reality to a whole new level, because whether you’re an online slots aficionado, a titan of table games or have a voracious appetite for video poker, the chances are you’ve already used their innovative iGaming products without even knowing it.

With a list of clients that includes 888 casino, and SlotsMillion Casino, GamesOS are about as close to an omnipresent entity in the online gaming industry as it’s possible to be – and with a roster of games as extensive as theirs, it’s easy to see why they are many big brands’ go-to software provider.

The Name Of The Game

Essentially, GamesOS are a development house for turnkey gaming solutions with countless years of experience in the iGaming industry. The company offers everything from gaming platforms to payment solutions and undertakes full back-office management of their products for gaming clients.

Their list of products includes ready-to-go casino solutions available through a number of different channels, HTML 5 casino suites for smartphones and tablets and even a live casino offering produced in cooperation with LimeLight, which allows real-time games of roulette, baccarat and blackjack to be streamed directly to players so that they can follow every shuffle or spin of the wheel as they bet.

Within their various casino platforms, they provide a huge portfolio of options incorporating slots, table and card games, video poker and virtual scratch cards, giving clients an unparalleled selection of products to choose from. Indeed, so comprehensive is GamesOS’ range of services that they even have a selection of mini-games which can be embedded in a client’s banner advertising to give them even more ways to drive traffic to their site and engage with customers.

Providing the X Factor

The key component in GamesOS’ business plan is their end-to-end casino software, XCasino, which can be seamlessly integrated with many industry-leading platforms or operated as a standalone application. In practice, this gives OS Games unrivaled versatility and is arguably the main reason they are such a prevalent software provider today.

The software is completely bespoke and can be fully customised to suit the client’s needs. Adjustments available to casino partners include the look and feel of lobbies and menus, choice of sound effects and dealer voices, schedule of events, tournaments, jackpot prizes and bonuses and 24-hour support – all of which combine to create a unique experience for players on all platforms.

Sophisticated marketing and promotional tools are also available to help casino clients drive more traffic to their websites, making GamesOS essentially a one-stop solution for new companies looking to establish themselves in the iGaming industry as well as a software provider for existing companies looking to take their current casino offering to new heights and reach new audiences.

Let The Games Begin!

Of course, if you’re a casino player, the services that GamesOS provide to their clients are not why you’re reading this article – it’s the GamesOs slots that matter. All in all, the company has a selection of over 150 titles for players to try their hand at and, as you’d expect from a company with their long and illustrious history in iGaming, all of them are built to be immediately accessible and user-friendly.

In terms of the slots on offer, one of the best-known and most recognisable titles in the GamesOS slot machine portfolio is the Maya Wheel of Luck. If you’re a regular visitor to online casinos, you’ll certainly be familiar with the game’s ancient Mayan aesthetic, which comes complete with enchanted tribal masks, roaring jaguars and ancient temples dotted across its five reels.

Also popular with players is the Magic Of Oz slot, which (as the name suggests) is a colourful title based around characters from The Wizard of Oz. Featuring six irregular reels, it is a unique-looking title, and the addition of two bonus games that are activated when a yellow brick road is built across the board make it more memorable than some of the other more basic ones out there.

On the table game front, they offer roulette – available in European, American or PRO formats – sic bo and craps, while their range of blackjack variants is truly a site to behold. Much like their slots, all of GamesOS’ table and card offerings are incredibly functional and easy-to-use, making even complex betting games like craps seem a less daunting experience for casual gamers.

Industry Versus Innovation

One of the problems you’ll find with software providers that place a huge emphasis on the quantity of games they supply to clients, however, is that there is almost a production line feel to their titles. Unfortunately this is an accusation that could probably be leveled at GamesOS, as the sheer scope of slot games that it offers makes it very hard for each one to feel unique and innovative.

With the exception of games like the aforementioned Magic Of Oz – which genuinely is quite unlike any other slot game on the market – it has to be said that some of the library of games are a tad formulaic. Obviously when all you have at your disposal are a few reels, a handful of symbols and a bank of sound effects, it’s pretty hard to reinvent the wheel every time, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that a lot of the titles feel like they’ve been churned out just to make up the numbers.

Don’t get us wrong, they all do exactly what they say on the tin – they work smoothly, have decent animations for wild symbols and often boast pretty solid sound effects and background music – the problem is there’s just too many of them for most to be truly memorable. When you contrast that with some of the more boutique mobile gaming operators who offer far fewer titles, more often than not each game feels like a completely unique experience.

With a lot of casino clients seeking to boast about the number of slot games they offer, this is naturally a sacrifice software providers have to make, but you can’t help but feel if there were more titles like Magic of Oz and less titles overall, their roster would actually feel more substantial than it does even if the company couldn’t show off such impressive numbers to their clients.

A Safe Pair Of Hands

While the majority of the GamesOS catalogue might not win any awards, there’s no denying that the company knows exactly what to do when it comes to providing a comprehensive gaming platform. Indeed, what GamesOS might lack in artistic flair it more than makes up for with sheer functionality, both for the clients employing their services and the customers using them.

Couple that with the fact that most serious slot and casino players don’t care as much about pretty animations and graphics as they do user-friendly gaming and payout options and it’s obvious that GamesOS know how to cater for their target audience – and the sheer range of titles available should ensure that whatever your tastes, there’ll be a game for you at any GamesOS-powered site.

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