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SuperHero Reels

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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SuperHero Reels Slot

Who doesn’t like superheroes, seriously? Regardless of whether you’re a ‘comic book nerd’ or not, you can’t avoid the hype surrounding crime fighting characters - the outfits, the abilities, the stories.

All of it is something we can escape into and lose ourselves to; they’re among some of the best sources of entertainment available to the masses, which is probably why Casino Web Scripts decided to get in on the action.

For the last few years now, the superheroes genre as a whole has increased in popularity, with various remakes and new films springing up like daisies. SuperHero Reels is a 2012 real cash slot that gives you a low definition world in which to engage with your favourite characters. Just don’t expect them to look exactly how you remember, for it seems the developers went for an amateurish aesthetic with this one.

The 5 reels and 9 winlines deliver a compact experience that has a very simple delivery system for the bonus round, followed by medium rewards from the wild and scatter symbols. There’s also a Mini, Major and Mega Jackpot to try for, but there’s never a guarantee of winning any of them.

Illustrative or Scribbles?

Art, like love, is in the eye of the beholder, but the design here leaves a lot to be desired.

We’re assuming that, given the content involved, the designers went for a freshly drawn look, yet they’ve ended up with a grid that looks like a child has painted it.

It’s strange, mainly because of how well they’ve executed the background, emphasising pencil strokes, and then the symbols have gone to pot. They’re very colourful, badly drawn, and look like cheap knock offs of the superheroes we know.

In fact, it’s more than fair to say that the control panel and the title of the game is a lot more attractive than the icons inside the 3x5 matrix, which means this game isn’t off to the best of starts. First impressions are everything, particularly for games that fall into the casual gaming category.

Batman, is that You…?

Maybe our memories have wasted away over the years, but none of us recall a blonde Batman ever starring in the films or television series, but guess what, one has turned up here. Looking like he’s more of a jock than a crime fighter, this guy is the Pick Me Bonus icon.

You only need three of him for the round to begin, though four or five will give you better chances at scoring a greater prize. To reveal what you’ve won, you merely have to select one of the aforementioned symbols, which will now be glowing, indicating for you to pick one. This technique was seen in Redneck Dynasty, and quite frankly feels like a lazy way of introducing a ‘feature game’ into the slot.

Behind the Mask

Finding out who or what is underneath all those masks isn’t an easy task, even for those skilled in real cash slots, for this game is as tricky as they come. The variance may be low, but the volatility is high, with the average percentage of bonus wins coming in at 0.98%, and general wins at 38.05%.

If you’re intending to be part of the figures that have secured a victory, you’ll need the help of the scatter symbol; the redhead has between 2 and 5 free games to hand out, as well as a low x2 multiplier. My, Casino Web Scripts has been very ungenerous with its specials in this slot machine.

Step up and be the Hero

SuperHero Reels isn’t the game we’ve been waiting for - it doesn’t deliver on nearly every count, making it a poor cousin to virtually every other slot from the brand. True, the game is now older, having been released back in 2012, but this version of the game has been updated more recently, and yet little has changed.

Should you be a superhero fan, then you’ll probably be able to look past all the issues we’ve mentioned, but for the most part, gamers will want to go elsewhere. Even the cheap pay-in of €1 doesn’t save this online activity.

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