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Chinese Lucky Sign

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Chinese Lucky Sign Slot

If you were going to list the hottest up and coming casino software game developers in the world, you would like to think that Casino Web Scripts would feature somewhere.

The reason for this is clear, as they’ve really been putting pedal to the metal as of late, churning out game after game. Since 2010 they’ve been hard at work to create a stellar back catalogue of titles. While the brand’s ambition is clear, it hasn’t always been plain sailing, as not every game they release knocks it out the park. Counteracting the duds in the pack is new game Chinese Lucky Sign, which is a title that strives to bring the charm of the Far East onto the reels.

It is pretty obvious that Chinese Lucky Sign is jumping on the back of a rising trend, as various Asian inspired slot games are currently flooding the marking.

With Chinese Lucky Sign, Casino Web Scripts are trying to deliver something different, but do they succeed? The answer lies within the following review!

Putting Your Luck to the Test

The actual basis of the game is animals, which obviously ties into the fact that every Chinese year is linked to a set animal sign. As far as a theme goes it’s something a bit different, which we certainly liked.

Graphically, the game isn’t the most advanced your likely to lock eyes on, as it simply stands by the 2D basics. In the backdrop you’ll find what looks like a park, which includes a small bridge. There is a certain tranquil nature to this game that you don’t really see in other titles.

Within the symbols, it’s all animals, all the time. Miniature versions of tigers, yaks, dogs, pigs, dragons, and more make an appearance. Now, they aren’t the most advanced looking symbols around, but that’s not really the point, as they are supposed to look easy on the eye, and they manage to do just that.

Missing the X-factor

Chinese Lucky Sign doesn’t break down any barriers when it comes to gameplay, because if we are being honest, it just doesn’t have the power to do so. While there are enjoyable aspects, the game just doesn’t deliver the same degree of buzz through spinning the reels like other slots games do. Whether this is a technical problem or an atmospheric problem is up for debate.

The X-factor is lacking within Chinese Lucky Sign, but what works to make up for this lack of zip is some rather large payouts. The top payout within this game is an extremely enticing 10,000-credit payout. A four-figure payout anywhere is considered generous (even within a high-variance game), so to see a five-figure offering is simply excellent. This also has a trickle down effect on the other bonuses in this game, of which many also feature in the four-figure range.

There is absolutely no denying that Chinese Lucky Sign has the power to be very financially rewarding.

Lacking in More Ways than One

It’s great to see that Chinese Lucky Sign has an impressive array of jackpots, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to celebrate. This is because this game doesn’t do anything spectacular on the bonuses front. All we could see were symbols related to wild and scatters.

The wilds step in to substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination, with scatter symbols dishing out free spins depending on how many you find on screen.

Over the years we have become accustomed to playing titles with bonus games, so Chinese Lucky Sign really misses a trick in this department.

Following the Beaten Path

Thankfully, controls wise there is very little to know about playing Chinese Lucky Sign, as you can forget about having to battle through complicated button combinations. Simply set your bet, activate your paylines, hit spin, and wait to see where the reels land.

Chinese Lucky Sign is not so Lucky!

With Chinese Lucky Sign Casino Web Scripts have attempted to tap into a trend, but it has come with mixed results. The game looks the part, but in other aspects it just doesn’t have enough about it to make it a great game. It could really do with a dedicated bonus game for starters, something that lofty jackpots don’t do enough to cover up.

We can fairly say that Chinese Lucky Sign is a game that is only going to hold your interest for a short while.

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