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Slots of Money Slots

What makes a game a slot machine? While this may seem like a simple question, it gets a bit more complex when you consider the tremendous variety of gameplay features that can be offered on casino slot machines without quite taking these games out of that broad category. How do we know when something has stepped just a little bit too far beyond those bounds and should be called something else? This might just be a case of “we know it when we see it.”

In the case of Slots of Money by Betdigital, we think that most gamblers would agree that the game fits the loose definition of a slot machine – but just barely. There are no reels and no paylines, a truth that could make it hard to see how this game fits in with other one armed bandits. But look a little deeper, and you’ll see plenty of familiar elements, including symbols to match in long combinations, and a variety of special features that can help you score even larger payouts.

Under the Bright Lights

The Slots of Money video slot can be found at online gambling sites that utilize software by Betdigital. The game is designed to mimic the flashy bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, with the game’s logo being decked out in neon and the symbols all having a backlit look that makes them stand out tremendously against the dark background. A bold color scheme not only makes the game visually interesting, but also makes every icon unique and easily distinguishable from the rest at a quick glance.

One of our favorite things about the new Betdigital games is that the platform is fully mobile-optimized, meaning you can play this machine not only on your desktop computer but also on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Most of the online casinos that offer this title will also have it in a play for free mode, meaning you have the opportunity to test it out before you risk any real cash. Once you decide to play for real money, you’ll notice that this is definitely a low limit game, with a max bet of just £1.25 per spin.

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Slots of Money

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Connect the Dots

At first glance, the Slots of Money video slot may look like a pretty typical machine, albeit with a slightly unusual layout. The symbols are laid out in a 3-4-3-4-3 pattern, but you’ll notice that there is no separation between the “reels;” instead, the game is constructed more like a hex grid. This is due to the fact that players will not be looking to complete paylines, but rather to connect identical symbols on as many adjacent positions as possible, in any pattern. If four or more adjacent positions share the same symbol at the end of any spin, you’ll win a prize.

For smaller wins, gamblers can hope to match the traditional card ranks, ranging from tens through aces. Symbols such as bars, poker chips, and diamonds award even more money, while the high-paying game logo offers up the biggest payouts of all. The more spots that are together, the larger the payouts; the top prizes are awarded should you have 12 or more adjacent hexes showing the same icon.

When the Chips are Down

There are several bonus features that players can trigger on this machine. The first is known as the Casino Chip bonus, and can be triggered when two or more chip symbols appear on the screen but the spin does not result in any wins. You will be asked to pick one of the chips, which will reveal an instant prize. Losing spins can also trigger “Flip It Again,” a bonus in which you’ll get an instant free re-spin to see if you can win with a second chance.

Another important feature is the Cash Connection Bonus. This is also triggered at random, and results in players having the option to pick any spot on the reels. That position will reveal a symbol, which is locked. You’ll then receive four free respins, with any matching symbols also being locked after each of these free games. Prizes will be paid out at the end of each spin. Keep in mind that there is a mild strategic element here: obviously, picking an edge position is less valuable, and the game information claims that the spot in the fourth column, second from the top is the optimal play.

Finally, this is yet another Betdigital offering that features a mini-slot inside the main game. If you find any mini-slot symbols on the reels, you’ll be able to play some free spins on this three-reel machine, with prizes being awarded if you can make winning combinations of sevens or bells. As in normal gameplay, connecting these symbols can be key; the more mini-slots that are together, the more spins you’ll receive, up to 20 if you find seven or more together. This feature can also be randomly triggered after any losing spin.

A Different Way to Win

While it might not be a typical slot machine experience, you’ll get the same thrill when you play Slots of Money as you would from firing up a traditional three or five reel title. Most of the icons are familiar, and so even when the gameplay takes a different path, the end result is very similar: a game where symbols are generated at random, and where you can win prizes by matching enough of them. The appeal here is that things are handled in a different way, which can add some variety to your normal online casino routine. If standard games are getting a bit repetitive for your tastes, then this is definitely an option that you might want to consider.

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