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While there are a few giants in the casino development industry that are virtually household names, there are also plenty of smaller firms that have garnered plenty of praise for their innovations and creations. Amatic Industries is certainly part of that second group, as while they may not have the instant recognition that an IGT or Aristocrat enjoys, operators are more than familiar with their products, which have proven extremely popular (particularly in Europe) over the past two decades.

Recently, this company has also begun to offer some of their games online, one of many prominent developers that have done so after years of success on the brick-and-mortar side. While their game collection so far is rather small, they’ve continued to create innovative, player-friendly products that are enjoyable not only on computers, but also from a host of mobile devices.

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Amatic was founded in Austria back in 1993 by Reinhold Bauer, an executive with experience in the gaming industry. Since that time, the company has remained a family-owned business, making it one of the smaller and more personal firms in the sector. They were initially known for developing slot machines for land-based casinos, with their products being primarily seen in the European market.

In the 21st century, the firm became known mostly for two major product lines. The most notable of these was their roulette collection, which included multiplayer electronic games, a product that they are still creating to this day. In terms of slots, it was their “Master” series that brought them the most market penetration, with the company still making a line of upright and slant top cabinets that can be found throughout Europe to this day. In particular, the X3000 cabinet uses a dual screen format that can be used by touch or with more traditional buttons, a style that has become increasingly popular with many manufacturers in recent years.

As with many developers, this group has taken steps to diversify their offerings in the past few years. Today, they create full casino management solutions for operators, and are a major manufacturer of video lottery terminals as well. Beginning in 2011, they began offering online games as well through their Multi Remote Gaming System. Today, their games can be found at well over a dozen Internet casino sites, many of which are primarily aimed at the European market.

One common belief is that Amatic Industries is some sort of subsidiary or offshoot of Novomatic – a thought that is understandable when you see that many of the games created by these two developers are somewhat similar. However, they are actually entirely independent firms. The similarities between their offerings have more to do with the influence that Novomatic has had on the industry, particularly in Europe, where many firms have emulated (or according to some who are less forgiving, copied) their successful style in order to appeal to customers in those markets.


Amatic creates games with a classical style. When it comes to slots, this means that you’ll generally see five-reel slots with multiple paylines, which use vibrant and colorful graphics. These games won’t have extensive animations or 3D features, but they’re still visually pleasant, and are distinctive enough that you can usually tell when a machine is one of their creations.

From time to time, they have also developed some rather unique slots. For instance, there’s Hot 81, which combines the oldest of symbols with the newly-popularized “all ways” format, and then adds its own twist: an unusual four-reel layout that makes this an “81 ways” slot machine. Other well-known titles include:

  • Arising Phoenix
  • Dragon’s Pearl
  • Book of Fortune
  • Blue Dolphin
  • Admiral Nelson

Given the firm’s developments in land-based roulette, it would be a shame if they stuck only to slots for online play. Sure enough, they offer up a virtual version of roulette as well, a single-zero wheel game that is as slick and user-friendly as anything else on the market today.


Amatic’s games are all created using HTML5, something that pays huge dividends for both players and operators in a couple of ways. First of all, this format means that casinos using these games can offer them in an instant play software package that requires absolutely no downloads on the part of the player. This is the new standard in Internet gaming, as it means that these games can be played by anyone using any sort of operating system, be it on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

This flexibility also extends to the mobile gaming universe. With HTML5 programming, games come “out of the box” ready for mobile devices without any downloads or special apps required. This means that Amatic’s selection of slots and other games are fully mobile-optimized, allowing you to jump right in on your phone or tablet.

The company also creates complete online gambling site solutions for operators to pick up and use, which also feature the same HTML5 compatibility. This has increasingly seen their systems and games become part of newly opening gaming sites; in particularly, they have proven to be a popular software developer among Bitcoin casinos.

More About the Company

While Amatic may not be the largest company in the industry, they have been widely recognized for their sleek, modern designs when developing cabinets for brick-and-mortar venues. That has led to them being a regular attendee at some prominent trade shows, particularly in Europe, which is still the strongest region for the developer to this day.

Their creations have often been recognized at these conferences, proving that they are among the most innovative and successful developers in the modern industry. At the 2016 International Casino Expo, they were awarded the Golden Dice Award for the Best Performing Slot Machine thanks to the success of the Performer Grand Arc, their slant-top, curved design cabinet that contains multiple games and has proven popular throughout the world.

Overall Reputation

Amatic may not be well-known outside of Europe, but within the industry, the company enjoys a strong reputation. Their designs have been highly-praised for decades now, and when melded with solid (if not always groundbreaking) gameplay, they are known for creating machines that players and operators both love.

In the online world, the group still has some work to do in order to build up the kind of clout they have in the land-based sector. However, the games that they have ported over to the web are fun, safe, trustworthy and attractive, a combination that should lead them to success on the Internet as well.

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