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Light Racers Slot Machine

Who didn’t like the slick, futuristic aesthetic of Tron: Legacy? OK, maybe some people. But you can’t deny that the polished, digitised look of the film is eye-catching in its own way, giving it a striking and distinguished appearance from most other films featured within sci-fi.

Taking clear inspiration from such film is brand new The Games Company slots game Light Racers, and we can honestly say that just based on my first impression, we found the more downbeat colour scheme a refreshing change from the scores of cotton-candy coloured video slots games out there.

Given the reputation of The Games Company, Light Racers is game that has plenty of hype attached to it. Looking like it fits more inside of a spaceship than a casino, many are arguing that this game could become a flagship title for the Gibraltar licensed developer. Undeniably good-looking, does Light Racers have the gameplay to match its seriously impressive visuals?

On your Marks

As we’re sure you can already tell, Light Racers is a fine-looking game. Polished, clean-cut, futuristic, and boasting a look straight out of Tron. This game’s use of a blue and black palette and a pulsing techno soundtrack, on top of its impressive visual effects, sets it apart from most other video slots offerings floating around on the internet.

The interface has quite a bit going on, so it may look a bit overwhelming to newer players at first, but fortunately there is a sub-menu available in the bottom-left corner that will help you make sense of all the chaos. Aside from that, the game’s appearance and design does not leave the player wanting for more, as Light Racers is far from your basic space-themed slots game.

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Light Racers

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Gripping the Track

While there is quite a bit going on visually, you’ll see that the menu layout isn’t really that confusing at its core. In fact, many of the game’s functions are plainly spelled out. Functionally, the game looks and plays a lot like a typical slots game. The format is a standard 5x3 reel setup, with up to 50 paylines available for you to activate.

On the left-most side are your current number of free spins and the current winnings multiplier. Moving counter-clockwise, the bottom left-most button is your pay table. The next button lets you adjust the number of paylines currently in effect. Next is the number of credits per line currently being bet (effectively your coin denomination), and the total bet is listed to the right.

Finally, you have the current number of credits you have left to play with listed, and the bottom-right most button is the auto-spinner. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols present, so make be sure to make use of them.

Through the Final Straight

Light Racers doesn’t lack at all for the opportunity to win big prizes. As you may have noticed, the game makes no effort to hide the fact that you get free spins and a winnings multiplier. In order to trigger your free spins (randomly selected from 8 to 25), you must obtain three or more scatter symbols on any of your active pay lines. When you do so, you get your free spins as well as a winnings multiplier that goes up as high as 10x. Should you get another three scatter symbols during your free spins, you’ll receive another set of them at the same winnings multiplier level. You have a maximum jackpot of 500 coins, so combined with the multiplier you have the chance to walk away with huge winnings.

That said, Light Racers doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, nor does it have any bonus games available to play. But with a huge number of paylines and a maximum coin denomination of 2 units of currency, you’ll still have a tremendous number of opportunities to walk away with a big sack of winnings.

Light-Years Ahead

If you aren’t familiar with The Games Company by now, start looking up more of their games. Light Racers plays as well as it looks, and we would be happy to introduce any new players to this game. Considering that Light Racers was this writer’s first introduction to The Games Company’s games, they couldn’t have made a stronger first impression on me. We didn’t really care that there wasn’t a bonus game, because we still had tons of chances to walk away with big prizes. The free spins alone will do much to fatten your wallet as you rack up one win after the next.

If you haven’t played Light Racers yet, don’t hesitate any longer, think smart and make this the next video slots game you play.

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