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Undercover Agent Slots

Being a spy looks to be all fun and games when we watch all the badass movies. Sure there’s danger, but often the agent overcome it all and walks away with the girl(s). Not to mention there’s so many gadgets to play around with, like pens that fire lasers and watches that can explode. It looks so damn cool!

Undercover Agent captures what it means, and takes, to be a world class spy and allows you to see if you really do have what it takes. An assault course of 5 reels and 30 winlines has been placed before you, with every square upon the grid filled with a wide array of symbols, some of which are luckier than others. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get as many of them as possible in a combination win.

Go Gadget, Go!

This is a high tech piece of equipment you’re playing about with here: bombs line the entire matrix and lasers frame every one of the icons to keep them extra safe. Someone is clearly waiting for a thief to strike, and so you need to remain sharp and focused, your mind only upon the job.

A few other agents will join you on this case, appearing every now and again with a money reward that can grow and decrease in size at every meeting. They’re not here to hold your hand and walk you through, they’re going to throw you in at the deep end and wait for you to swim.

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Undercover Agent

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Trench Coat and Shades

We’re sticklers for the old ways of spying, to a time when trench coats and sunglasses were your best means of remaining undetected; it had an elegance about it. Although none of your colleagues are dressed like it, there’s nothing to stop you when you’re playing Undercover Agent. Then again, there’s nothing stopping you playing in your birthday suit if you so wish.

However you’re dressed (or not), you’re going to want to try out for the mini game: it’s a target practice styled level that requires you to have lightening speed. This is great for those who are used to playing first person shooters, but for those that have only ever played Pokemon, you’re probably going to feel the struggle.

Getting just three of the icons will activate the round, where you’ll be placed in a shooting gallery covered in crates, with the occasional cardboard target popping up. Some of the targets are innocent people, so you’ll want to avoid hitting these like your life depends on it. As the level continues, the speed of the activity increases, which makes aiming your gun and firing all the more challenging.

Seeing as this is The Art of Games title, there is a rank to come at the end of the task, alongside a score and some credits; it’s pretty standard to see this in one of their higher end slot machines. For some reason though, even though the format is always the same, we still love every moment of discovering these mini levels because of how unique they all are.

Destroy the Tapes

Sometimes the work of a spy is more serious, which is why we come to the not so fun part: having to place a bet. Luckily you can play a demo of the game if you’re interested in fun without the pay off, but for most users it’s cash all the way.

The range is low, between 30 and 90 credits, assuming you’ve stuck to the maximum number of paylines, if you’re reduced them you can expect your stake to be lower. There’s also an Autoplay to try out whenever you need a helping hand and are looking to relieve the tension in yours.

Mission Completed

It could be down to the theme as to why we enjoyed playing Undercover Agent so much, our mind creating wild and fantastical missions for us to complete, but even if that is the real reason, who cares? This slot machine is good enough to invoke those emotions, and so it’s as good as any other high quality title out there.

What we appreciate most though, aside from our imaginations running rampant, is that it doesn’t rely on the imagery of James Bond to work, which in turn opens it up to more gamers.

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