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Space Age Slot Machine

Despite the name suggesting that it’s a game blasting off into the future, Space Age is far from the most contemporary of titles. When it comes to the team of developers behind the name, there definitely appears to be a pattern with their releases: either they’re so modern it’s almost obscene, or the games are of average quality and low input. Space Age falls into the latter category.

It may have 5 reels and 15 paylines, along with its fair share of features, but it isn’t as impressive to look at as Posh Pets, for an example. We don’t wish to take anything away from this title, as it’s as good as most you’ll find online, but we simply want you to be aware that the brand has two distinct styles that they flit between.

Usual Suspects

Where would we be without a trusty set of symbols that we know and love? We’d be short of a game that we can engage with and follow, which is probably why The Art of Games has played it safe and used recognisable iconography.

It would be wrong to expect you to travel across all of space without seeing one alien, they were everywhere in the X Files, so they have to be out there somewhere. Somewhere must mean here for there are a lot of tiles that are related to all things extraterrestrial: spaceships abducting cows, laser guns shooting up the grid, and random attacks on barren parts of our home planet.

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Space Age

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Reach for the Stars

Planet earth may be at the centre of our own little existence, but in Space Age it comes second to a flying UFO; earth can get you between €10 and €1,200 but the UFO can bring up to 2,000 credits. This is a very particular UFO, not to be mistaken with the two others you may find; The symbol have been colour coded as well as having different images, in an attempt make playing more clear. However, in the middle of all the excitement, it would be easy to get confused by the paytable.

Nearly all of the tiles have to be part of a three, four or five of a kind combination, however the spaceship, earth, and the rocket can be found in a pair. Although this makes getting a combo easier, it also means that you get paid less money for the privilege, and so you’re not actually any better off.

To the Moon and Back

Our old favourite, the Pick Me bonus, is back in Space Age, only this time the symbol of choice is a futuristic laser rather than a clover or mask. Users need a minimum of three for the feature to play, with the chances of a higher payout only increased by having more tiles to choose from.

There’s then the free spins probe which is looking to land on our planet, it’s prongs ready to bed down into the earth and take several samples for examination. Though the goal is purely scientific, the aliens have included up to 20 free spins in a bid to ease our concern. In regards to the final part of this powerful trio, that is the wild. It takes the form of a blazing meteor that is hurtling towards the grid to change into any of the other symbols, bar the bonus.

We Come in Peace

If only that peace was free instead of a base 15 credits bet, but what can you do? You have to have a stake in order to play, and that’s as low as this game will go. That’s arguably one of the worst aspects of the brand as a whole: they charge quite a bit for their activities.

Don’t misunderstand us. Their titles are well worth a gander, but the accessibility offered isn’t on par with many other games, even despite a coin value starting point of 0.01.

Nonetheless, if you’re playing with cash, you’ll need to play around with the number of coins via the Bet Per Line option. Then after you’re done you’ll need to make up your minds about the number of winlines in operation, and whether you want to spin manually.

Exploring New Life

Space Age isn’t a sought after game because its novelty theme is one that’s been seen thousands of times, and likely in the past year! That’s generically the problem with a lot of online slots: they become outdated very quickly. However this title, although far from original, has enough of its own uniqueness to make continuous play worthwhile.

This game could have been turned into something greater, but we’ll gladly take it as it is. Certainly not the best space-themed game out there, but a firm three stars out of five.

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