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Mars Odyssey Slot Machine

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s extraterrestrial life out there in the universe, then Mars Odyssey by SkillOnNet is the game for you.

A quirky and fun interpretation of alien life, Mars Odyssey offers the chance to win prizes in this online video slot.

But will you make friends with the visitors from outer space or will you be sending the little green men back home? Here’s our review of Mars Odyssey by SkillOnNet with everything you need to know for play.

Welcome Visitors

As you wait to enter into this intergalactic game, you’ll spy one of the visitors from outer space greeting you on the browser.

And once the game loads, you’ll be introduced to far more fantastic creatures as the reels fill up with all kinds of new and exciting aliens.

The creators from SkillOnNet certainly got their thinking caps on for these symbols as there’s a whole host of aliens in yellow, green, blue and even purple! And with a setting reminiscent of a spacecraft, you’ll be in doubt of the theme of the game.

If you spin a winning line, the alien life forms will jump and bop around - giving them a rather cute appearance! One word of warning: if you’re not a fan of constant flashing lights this game may not be for you as the words which run across the top of the screen light up all the way through gameplay.

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Mars Odyssey

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Pinch Prizes From the Aliens

Now that you’ve made friends with the outer space visitors, it’s about time you took some of their prizes! To do this you’ll need to know how to match winning combinations which you can find out from the paytable.

Unlike traditional fruit slots, the paytable is held on a different screen which you can navigate to by pressing the relevant button on the main game.

You’ll see instantly that each of the aliens have a different value with the little red alien with love heart eyes being worth the most. Spin five of these little beauties and you’ll walk away with a cool 5,000. Some of the symbols pay out for just matching two while the lower valued symbols mean you need to match at least three to get a prize.

There’s also a wild symbol which you can use to help create winning combinations. The wild symbol isn’t a winner when spun by itself but it can be used to represent any of the other symbols on the board.

Take on the UFOs

Once you’re familiar with how to win, simply exit the paytable to return to the main screen and begin the reels.

You’ll be faced with five reels with 20 paylines available to play. You can change the number of paylines by using the button on the bottom of the screen to increase or decrease. You’ll be better just one coin per line; this is fixed and can’t be altered. You can however change the value of each coin from 0.01 to 30, providing plenty of flexibility to bet both high and low.

As well as the main game, there’s also a bonus feature which can be accessed in the same way as most other SkillOnNet video slot bonuses. Rather than needing to spin a specific combination on the reels, Mars Odyssey features a bonus meter which you’ll need to fill to the top. You can do this by spinning bonus symbols on the reels, each of which carry points. Once you reach the total, the bonus game will automatically unlock.

The bonus game gives you the chance of collecting a hefty prize by offering free spins and a multiplier. You’ll be given 10 free spins and the chance of doubling what you win every time before you revert back to the main game.

Although there’s a wild symbol and a bonus game, Mars Odyssey is lacking many of the usual features you’d find. There’s no scatter symbol and no free spins or multipliers either. This leaves it comparing rather poorly to the other video slots on the market.

Cheeky Alien Fun

Mars Odyssey is a game that’s got a fun design with cheeky aliens and intergalactic play which is certain to appeal to any sci fi fans. Unfortunately it’s a little light on features which means that it’s unlikely to be a huge hit amongst the more advanced video slots players. However, the quirky theme will be popular and with its simplistic structure, it’s the perfect game for new players to get started with.

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