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Robin Hood Slots

Capturing the essence and spirit of the very well known tale of Robin Hood – the middle English outlaw who famously stole from the rich and gave to the poor – this sleek video slot from OpenBet is a must play for any individuals with even the slightest interest in history!

Available on lease from OpenBet in a varied roster of online gaming halls and casinos, the Robin Hood slots game maintains the spirit of the man himself - offering players some very good looking odds indeed when staking their own cash.

As is the case across the board with this developer, the house edge information is not readily available from the offset – though a good bulk of the casinos and sites which host the console do make this information accessible via the game help files. As such, the information in this review pertaining to odds should not be taken explicitly and would be best treated as a guiding hand rather than a sure thing…

Themes in Tights

First things first then, let’s talk about the theme! As we’re all only too well aware, the theme is the heart and soul of any video slot; it’s safe to say that without a compelling or interesting game theme that interest is lots very quickly.

As far as the playability and intrigue of the Robin Hood slot goes, the gifted team over at OpenBet appear to have struck the nail directly on the head. Fewer games have as simple yet gripping narrative going for them. Though it doesn’t act to break any new ground or write any new routes of adventure for our plucky hero, the game nonetheless manages to maintain an edge of surprise despite replaying a series of actions we’re only all to well familiar with.

Players will help noble Robin evade the Sheriff of Nottingham and his fearsome men whilst in the process saving the fair Maid Marion - many, many times over. But what else do you expect!? Or, for that matter, what else do you need?

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Robin Hood

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Bricks and Mortar

This wonderfully fast and fun slot operates within the usual confines to 5 reels and 20 pay lines, with a maximum wager of one coin per line for each spin. As you would probably expect, the Sheriff symbol is the games wild and when landed upon will automatically multiply the size of any imminent payout it contributes towards by a total of either 2, 5 or 10 times. As well as this, the Sheriff symbols also counts as the games overall bonus symbol.

In terms of bonus features, there is not one but two extra games that can be accessed through the standard interface. The first one can be activated when the player bags themselves a total of 3 or more of the awesome ‘Knight’ scatters symbols across any of the 5 reels. Meeting these terms will see you transported to a new screen featuring 15 boxes. These boxes can be clicked on one at a time in order to reveal various free spins and multipliers – all of which can do a hell of lot for your prize total!

The second bonus round can be activated when a player lands upon 3 or more of the Robin Hood bonus symbols on a reel starting from the first reel. The premise of this round is a little more typical; you’ll be taken to a new screen and allowed to take shots with a bow at three separate archery targets. If Robin, under your guidance, hits any one of the targets, a bird flying by or better yet, the Sheriff, you’ll be awarded a prize and offered the chance at another shot. If he misses however, it’s back to the regular game.

Entertaining Stuff

The Robin Hood slot doesn’t do a great deal in the way of breaking new ground, though that isn’t to say that it’s not highly entertaining. A must try for anyone with an interest in the myths of Medieval England, the history of it all (as is so often the case) is very well placed within the realm of a slots game.

Offering 20 paylines, an array of free spins, wilds, a couple of fairly engaging and potentially lucrative bonus games and a jackpot of 240, there certainly are more worthwhile games out there – but then again there’s far worse, too.

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