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Juices Wild Slot Machine

You’ve heard of Deuces Wild, but how about Juices Wild? Chances are you know as much about the vagaries of the Spanish stock exchange as you do this colourful, non-progressive video slot.

Powered by the respected OpenBet gaming platform, Juices Wild is the firm’s take on a well-worn theme, the theme being fruit-based slot games. Yes, there’s been a million and one of these in the past, but it seems the gaming companies feel there’s a reason for that. Supply will meet demand and all the rest of it. Anyway, Juices Wild has 5 reels, 30 paylines and a 300-coin jackpot. It also features both wild and scatter symbols, tropes of 5-reel slot games the world over.

Setting the Stakes

In Juices Wild, the coin bet range stretches from 0.01 right up to 25. With all 30 lines in play then, the player is free to stake as much as 750 credits per spin of the reels. Play on one line, two lines or all 30: the choice is yours entirely.

Fruity Business

Juices Wild is a pretty simple game. The 5x3 reel grid appears against a summery backdrop: tall, impossibly green grass, the setting sun burnishing the halcyon sky a kind of muted orange. The title of the slot appears in red lettering above the reels, above a faux-motivational motto (‘Think big!’). Under the reels, you’ll find all the usual controls. The Spin, Auto Spin and Paytable buttons are designed to resemble rocks…for some reason or other. In any case, it’s here where you’ll find running tallies recording your stake, lines and stake-per-line. Set a bet you’re happy with before kicking the reels into motion.

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Juices Wild

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The symbols populating the grid, meanwhile, include all manner of anthropomorphised fruit: oranges, watermelons, grapes, cherries, bananas, lemons, all of these circular icons sporting smug grins. There’s also five playing cards: 10, J, Q, K and A.

Among the fruit, the bar-nanas (a cluster of bananas stamped with the word BAR) are the most lucrative, paying 75 for three, 150 for four and 300 for five. Next, it’s the orange, which pays 50 for three, 125 for four and 150 for five. The grape is third best, granting 40 for three, 75 for four and 125 for five. Then it’s the lemon – 30, 50 and 100 – followed by the watermelon, paying 25, 40 and 75. The least valuable of the fruit symbols is the cherries, which only pay 20 for three, 25 for four and 50 for five.

Wild as All Hell

The elusive Juices Wild game logo appears intermittently, and when it does it upgrades the five fruit symbols to wilds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this can lead to the player making some seriously profitable combinations.

The Cash Wild is another nifty symbol. Again, we’re in the realm of anthropomorphised items – this time the smirk is streaked across a pile of green banknotes. The little dude is wearing a $ medallion because, well, he’s flashy like that. The Cash Wild is essentially a regular wild, able to substitute for other symbols to help the player form wins.

It cannot, however, replace the scatter, which is the large (anthropomorphised, of course!) oak tree. The scatter, which grants pay-outs regardless of where it lies, pays modest amounts, though: two for three, three for four and five for five. It’s almost not worth finding, come to think of it.

Unfortunately, there are no free spins or multipliers up for grabs in Juices Wild, and nor is there a dedicated bonus game. Players have to make do with the wild and the game logo, which as stated ‘infects’ those grinning fruit icons and enhances your chances of forming wins.

To Juice or Not to Juice

There’s no getting around it: Juices Wild isn’t an especially innovative slot. Of all the themes it could have chosen, it plumped for the most obvious, well-worn of them all – fruit. At this point in the game, given our technological advances, given the number of highly animated 3D slots available, there’s no excuse to introduce another fruit-themed slot into the market.

Judging it on its merits, Juices Wild has a few features which will keep players happy. While the lack of free spins and multipliers will nettle some, the game logo – rare though it is – generates the potential for happy wins. The pay-table, for its part, is only mediocre. All in all, this is a slot that won’t hold your interest for long – if at all.

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