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So Spicy

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For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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So Spicy Slot Machine

Getting hot under the collar is going to come naturally to you, although not in the way you might think. So Spicy is definitely a firecracker, but it’s not from its flavour but from the power of its two games system. This is one of Gaming1’s more complex interfaces, and so you’ll need to be a seasoned player if you’re to navigate it with ease.

All of you will start off at the bottom and work your way to the top, which happens to be easy to access if you have lots of cash. We guess it goes to show that money really can solve a lot of problems. Don’t panic if you lack funds though, for the demo version delivers both games, and the play for real is still enjoyable on a single level instead of two. Trust us on this when we say you’ll be satisfied no matter how you play.

Fruit Machine Overload

If you’ve played Quarter Million Slot from the brand, you might be thinking you’re going to get the same experience here. There are lots of fruits and old school vibes. While both of those factors are true, there’s nothing remotely retro about the dynamics of this matrix, at least not if you take the two games as a whole.

The first game has only 1 winline, which we admit is vintage in setup, however the second level has up to 5 winlines inside its 3 reels. So what’s the difference? It comes down to the payouts and what you’re getting for your pay-in. For a wager of 5, 10 or 20 credits you can win up to 200 credits, and have 5 winlines on which you could land the victorious combo. In contrast, the first activity only has 1 payline to win those 200 credits on, and less tiles that reward that figure.

Too Hot!

Accessing the bonus feature of the title, named So Spicy Bonus Draw, is only possible when playing the second level game. The reason for this is because the chillies are only seen upon that paytable rather than the starting activity, which makes sense as you have to pay more to access it. You don’t get something for nothing with Gaming1.

In terms of how much of a bonus this is, it really depends on what you deem as a special feature. You see, you can win a lot of cash in this section, for you engage with a ladder style gamble to generate your total. However, then you have to flip the double or nothing coin, and if you land on the wrong side you lose everything. We had a win of 420 waiting for us and it disappeared in the blink of an eye; that isn’t a bonus to us, that’s torture.

In a Frenzy

If So Spicy is the kind of madness you like to test yourself with on a regular basis, you might want to give the single winline of Farmyard Frenzy a chance. Yes this Union J’Pot slot is more gimmicky in its appearance, and it comes from a less than well known brand, but the action is just as crazy. The title does say ‘frenzy’ after all.

Seriously though, think of this as a novelty version of So Spicy, just with different functioning features. And by differing we mean simple; Union J’Pot aren’t big on cluttering up their interface, at least not with paytable symbols that is. We know that this isn’t exactly a steady progression from one to the other, but we reckon you don’t want steady gaming when you play online slots like So Spicy.

Handling the Heat

You don’t have to be a lover of spice to play this real cash slot, but you need a stomach for daring adventures. Not to mention that taking out insurance for whiplash is a must when you’re spinning those chaotic reels. So Spicy is a classic hit as far as we’re concerned, but we feel the first game is wasted if you can afford to play the second. After all, why ignore a more rewarding activity in the face of a lower paying one when you have the funds? It makes no sense.

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