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Hot Fever 2

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Hot Fever 2 Slots

These days it seems like slot machines are becoming more complicated and are filled to the brim with unnecessary rules. That’s why we enjoy going back to basics every so often.

A game that takes you back to basics is the latest Gaming1 release Hot Fever 2. It’s a classic game with a retro atmosphere that will get you spinning the reels in no time. On top of that, it makes a big splash with its familiar symbols and ambience, which most players will recognise from online slots of yesteryear.

Considering the buzz surrounding Hot Fever 2, plenty of players have an eye on this new game. Read through our review of Hot Fever 2 to learn more about this title and how you can walk away with big money by spinning its reels

Raising the Temperature

Hot Fever 2 is a slot machine that is clearly designed to be simple. The game rules are easy to understand and there are not a lot of them to take note of in all honesty.

The game screen itself is quite dark, with the embers in the background being the main source of light and the inspiration for the name of the game. The reels of this slot machine are transparent and can be easily found in the foreground. The bottom of the screen is where you can find the easy-to-use control panel.

As you can tell there aren’t a lot of complicated details to Hot Fever 2, or many details at all. This doesn’t mean the game is to passed-over though, as it still has superior graphics quality and some pretty fun animations that play as you spin the reels.

An Easy Starting Point

Hot Fever 2 is the kind of slot machine that likes to give players something small to work with and a little bit of a challenge. Some players will appreciate this, but others may find it a little confusing at first. The slot machine is made up of 5 reels that are covered in symbols, with room for three symbols from each reel to be left behind when a spin ends.

The game also features 10 fixed paylines. A fixed pay line is a payline that can’t be deactivated. The aim of the game is to land winning combinations on the paylines and walk away with a nice cash prize in hand.

Getting Wrapped up in the Fever

How much you win depends on the symbols that show up and how much money you wagered. The more you bet the more you stand to lose, but the more you stand to win as well. You can also set up the autospin feature to have the game spin the reels using your current bet.

Hot Fever 2 is a game that puts you in control, so don’t be afraid to change your bet in response to how much you win or lose.

Lock Your Eyes on the Jackpot

Hot Fever 2 also has some pretty special symbols that work to give you some potentially incredible wins. The first of these symbols is the wild joker symbol. This symbol can really change the game, even when it lines up with the lower paid symbols. The scatter bonus is the Joker dice. This dice will pay out a reward no matter where it shows up on the screen. If you land three or more of the dice you can win up to 5x your current bet, which is certainly no small sum.

Can You Feel the Heat of Hot Fever 2?

Hot Fever 2 is a surprisingly satisfying slot machine, with some classic features built in. The gameplay feels a little limited at times, but the big wins more than make up for it. While there is no stand out bonus features in Hot Fever 2, it is still a game that can keep you excited and entertained. This game is a prime example that you don’t need to pack a game full of features to make it fun and rewarding.

Overall, don’t be taken in by the seeming simplicity of the game, as this is one of those slot machines that you’ll have trouble putting down after picking it up.

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