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Safari Spin

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Safari Spin Slot Machine

In terms of bucket list travel, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone that didn’t rank a safari pretty high up in the priorities. Except, perhaps, people who work on, or live very close to, the kind of plains that host safaris.

In comparison, this online slot machine from GameScale isn’t quite as glamorous. It also has a soundtrack just crying out to be muted in about three seconds, akin to Chinese water torture in aural form. Thankfully, though, it’s not all bad news, as you’ll find out if you manage to hit the ‘Shut Up’ switch and give this 5-reel, 21-payline gambler more than a few fleeting minutes of your time.

Graphically speaking, it’s not the most adventurous effort out there for you to try your luck on, but then there’s something rather cool about the childish images that litter the screen. It’s the kind of artwork that yummy mummies love on clothes for their newborns, which is smile-inducing, albeit slightly odd considering this is a gambling machine.

Nevertheless, it’s all clean and inviting, with everything in its right place. So then, time to hit the dusty trail and see what beasts we might be able to spot.

Hear the Lion Roar (or Maybe Squeak)

So everything looks a little bit like a stuffed toy, but this is definitely no child’s play. On the reels you’ll see a host of different, cuter-than-cute animals, like the elephant, zebra, giraffe and gazelle crocodiles, and cheetahs. Each corresponds to a different value of winnings, and the basic idea is to match up threes, fours, or fives of the same picture. Do that, and you’ll be laughing like a hyena all the way to the bank.

Loading up the Jeeps

Before going toe-to-toe with a pride of lions or whatever, it’s important to get familiar with how the game works. Thankfully, that shouldn’t take longer than about six seconds if you’ve ever played on a 5-reel game before. If you haven’t, then it will maybe take about ten seconds including time for a brew...

So, there are two different ways you can manipulate your chances of winning, and the potential winnings you will get for winning (if that makes sense). First up, adjust the Bet Line amount to increase or decrease how much you want to put down and risk. The higher the amount here the more you will be bagging in cash if your numbers – or rather fluffy animals – come up.

Simple. Next, you need to decide how many paylines you want in play at once. Safari Spin allows for up to 21, which is relatively generous. Matches of threes, fours or fives of the same kind of picture are only valid as wins if the land on an active payline. Thus, the more paylines in play, the more actual opportunities you have to win.

Don’t think that means going all in with 21 paylines and the maximum bet size, mind – to do that you’re going to need some pretty substantial cash reserves if you don’t want to go bust before the big win. Just a little advice for any novices reading this.

Who Knows What You Will See

In addition to the ‘normal’ animals – if indeed you can describe some of the most exotic creatures on planet as ‘normal’ – there are some special characters you want (and hope) to get familiar with. First up is the wild boar, which is your wild card. This can substitute for any other symbol to complete a combination and adds on bonus points.

There are two pictures the wild cannot be used with, though- the first being scatter, which is a two-humped camel. These offer various numbers of free spins and multipliers, meaning you can definitely boost your winnings. The other that can’t be joined to the Wild is the Bonus, which will launch a bonus round offering yet more prizes.

Give Safari Spin a Go

On the whole then Safari Spin is an extremely fun gambler with the emphasis on having a good time. Sadly, that might also work against it when it comes to the old guard of gamers, who really just want to cut through the candy-cane-sweet layers of pointless themes and drawings, and focus down on the real reason we’re all here- lovely, lovely money, and the thrill of seeing those combinations land on those precious reels.

Still, you can’t please everyone all the time, so at least in this instance they pleased us.

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