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Gamescale Slot Machines

Gamescale are providers of advanced gaming systems, the sort that make casino operators’ eyes light up, or at least glint with the satisfaction that come from finding a stable and feature-rich platform they can rely on.

The company, which was founded in 2010 according to its LinkedIn (2000 according to its website), arose out of a desire to create a gaming platform that was easy to configure and integrate with existing systems. With former experts from Playtech, Microgaming, 88 and PartyGaming at the helm, Gamescale was in safe hands from the moment it left port.

Today, the company has grown to become a successful medium-sized enterprise with offices in Malta, Moldova and Israel. Gamescale is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Gamescale’s target market is B2B, but its products are of course designed with the needs of the individual in mind; regular gamers; fans of casino games, the sort who just want to wager some money, have some fun and potentially win something back along the way. To facilitate this, Gamescale have designed slick software that enables casinos to run their games in-browser, with no downloadable software required.

Gamescale offers a complete suite of casino games: classic slots, 3D slots, video poker, blackjack and many more. With new titles seeing the light of day on a monthly basis, there’s always something in the works at Gamescale’s HQ, situated in St Paul’s Bay, Malta.

As evidence of the firm’s continued expansion, recent vacancies have seen the company seeking the services of an IT Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Java Software Developer, Full Stack Engineer and Director of R&D.

The Gateway to Gaming

Gamescale has positioned itself as a one-stop shop that can handle the needs of its clients, no matter how complex or simple these may be. As the company’s clients grow their business, Gamescale is able to help them scale their operation and expand into new territories, adjusting their systems to suit the requirements of the local market including according to appropriate gambling regulations and currencies.

Gamescale’s platform opens the way for casinos to host hundreds of games, integrating them seamlessly with existing third party applications. Because the software deploys a modular design, clients can take a pick and mix approach, selecting only the modules and games that they require.

Turnkey Solutions

Gamescale can even offer turnkey solutions, essentially equipping their clients with all the tools they need to operate a fully functional casino, from web design to hosting games, cashier and back office management. Gamescale will equip its clients with everything they need to function optimally including ongoing support and maintenance.

For starters, the software house has more than 500 games at is disposal, any or all of which clients can integrate into their gaming site. Fraud and risk management software, an essential resource for running any online casino, is all part of the package. Payment solutions are equally comprehensive, with over 40 payment options to choose from including numerous alternative methods.

Gamescale’s turnkey solutions don’t stop there. Partner with the European software developer and there’s also the prospect of making use of their advanced bonus system that’s designed to increase player loyalty and retention. With the ability to issue targeted bonuses, operators can offer a more personalised service and ultimately boost their bottom line.

Gamescale’s gaming platform is also equipped with player management software that utilises a proprietary UI solution, and a number of useful marketing tools that allow casinos to offer various promotions and to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The Complete Casino Package

In addition to supplying hundreds of high resolution games, including scratch games, keno and live dealer games, Gamescale can provide standalone game server integration. It can also supply soft games and quality mini games. These are an excellent means of reaching out to new players and enticing them with customisable levels, promotions, unlockable bonuses, dynamic in-game messaging and other features.

Casino operators aren’t limited to Gamescale’s casino games either: thanks to third party integration, Gamescale can supply games from a wealth of providers including NextGen, Elk Studios, Thunderkick and Aristocrat. The most recent news item on Gamescale’s website announces the firm’s integration with BetSoft, whose 3D slots are renowned. This ‘news’ item was posted in 2013 however. What is it with software developers being congenitally incapable of updating their own websites?

Back office and CMS tools are also included, incidentally, allowing for simple system management, even for operators whose technical knowledge is limited. Gamescale's back office tools include action logs, notes and comments, financial transactions, marketing and system communication logs and fraud details and prevention.

Throw in detailed reporting and analytics tools, to help better understand player behaviour and maximise revenue, plus an affiliate programme, and all the ingredients for a successful casino are present and accounted for. There’s even history visualisation for each game and consolidated reports on gaming performance available at the push of a button.

Customised Solutions

An increasing number of casinos are now seeking to find novel ways to differentiate themselves from the fierce competition and to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to achieve this is by releasing exclusive content including custom games.

Gamescale is well placed to aid its clients in this regard, helping them to create and release branded games that can enhance the reputation and appeal of the site and increase player retention.

Not only that, but Gamescale can also help with the design and implementation of a fully customised and branded website. This can be multilingual, with upto 13 languages supported, all built in Wordpress with various plugins used to control marketing, integration of payment systems and other elements.

Scratch and Other Games

Gamescale’s scratch games have been designed from the bottom up – that’s right, they’ve been designed from scratch. Each one is highly customisable and can be easily implemented into existing systems. Examples include Big Win Scratch and Pin-Up Scratch. These fun and vibrant scratch games join Gamescale’s stable of existing 3D slots, table games and classic slots.

All of the games that Gamescale offers its clients, including its own releases and those of third party developers, can work in-browser, on mobile and by downloadable client application if required. Notable slots and other games to bear the Gamescale name include Babushka, Balloon Party, Black vs White, Chicken Coop, Cat Fight and European Cup.

Why Choose Gamescale?

For operators of web-based casinos, the advantages of partnering with Gamescale are obvious. While the sheer number and diversity of games the company can offer is impressive, this isn’t the primary reason why Gamescale is worthy of consideration. Rather, it’s the versatility and compatibility of the firm’s gaming platform that’s to be treasured.

With third party games supported, it’s possible for casinos to pick and choose the games that their customers want to see, with Gamescale taking care of the integration.

Using a single common interface, casinos are free to host games from dozens of different providers. And with reporting, game management and customisation all built-in, operators need do little more than keep an eye on the day-to-day running of their site. In the background, multiple game servers handle the heavy loading, while the client’s web application server delivers a suite of enticing games, from slots to scratch cards, to customers via tablet, mobile and smartphone.

Meanwhile, Gamescale’s back office software takes care of the numbers and reporting. It’s a complex system, but it’s one that works.

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