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Dark Harbour

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Dark Harbour Slot Machine

The port of any big city is a means to import and export a range of goods, especially when those items aren’t fully above board; this is where a place like Dark Harbour comes in handy. In the dead of night, away from the prying eyes of potential passersby, mobster business can be conducted without the police turning up and shutting the whole operation down.

Nowadays there isn’t much of this activity going on to warrant suspension from the authorities – they’re off fighting crime elsewhere. But back when the gangs and mafia ruled the streets, the authorities clambered to try and put a stop to illegal activities before they got too out of hand.

Consider the 5 reels of Dark Harbour your initiation into this way of life, with nobody dictating the rules to you other than yourself. With as many as 21 paylines, you can look forward to as much success as failure, with a couple of bonuses in place to help make the victories a regular occurrence.

Roll the Die

Dice are difficult to command, they simply roll where they want to and leave you reeling from their decision; sometimes they favour you and other times they leave you out in the cold. In Dark Harbour’s case, you’ll need three of them to experience anything, and after that you’ll need a lot of luck to make your way successfully through the mini level.

Assuming you’ve got far enough to be greeted with a board game, you need to keep rolling the dice to move around the board, and in doing so you can bag yourself some substantial multipliers to help increase the final payout.

Safety in Numbers

In addition to the Dice Bonus there is also the Safe Bonus, a feature which allows users to partake in a click-a-prize style mini level. When users find over three of a kind along any one of their active winlines, they will be shown six safes; once they’re there they’ll have to make a decision as to which one of the safes they want to pick. The amount you can stand to gain is left unknown until you’ve selected your safe of choice, and so you could be in for a windfall or you could be about to be disappointed. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be walking away with some form of cash prize.

Hit List

When we think of hit lists we think about an assassin coming to end our lives for some disgruntled reason or another, but with Dark Harbour the hitman from the wild symbol has got you down for another payment. Cash.

If the man in red comes knocking at your door, you can rest easy knowing that he’ll be paying between 10 and 10,000 credits, meaning you’ve obviously pleased someone rather than angered them. In an underworld that is littered with enemies, having friends is always the best form of protection you can have.

Also rewarding, though not quite on the same level, is the scatter symbol. The detective looking for clues can sniff out up to x1,000 of your initial stake, which means you could be in the money by the end of the night. Should only two of that tile show up, users still stand to add a x5 multiplier to their total bet.

Gambling with Your Life

Dark Harbour is all about brooding and foreboding, so it can feel like you really are gambling with your life when you take on the various other gangs, however don’t worry unduly, you’ll only ever be gambling with money.

The betting system is slightly different to what you’ll have seen in other Gamescale games, for the control panel and its layout is much more contemporary and user friendly.

The widget to adjust your line amount is found on top of the Paytable option, and will start you off with all 21 of them. If you wish to reduce this accordingly, simply use the minus button and work through the numbers until you find what you’re looking for. As for the bet itself, that starts off at 0.10, just as other titles from the brand have; increase this to 2 credits if you want a total stake worth €42.

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