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Crazy 88 Slots

Most of the time, when you load up an online slot game, you’re pretty clear on what the theme is. A name will usually give it away – Aztec Gold, Pirates Plunder etc – and the images are designed to simply convey and enhance that theme. The point is that it’s very basic, uncomplicated, leaving no questions asked and your mind free to focus on winning cash.

Now it’s time for something completely different.

Crazy 88 is, fundamentally, a straight up 5-reel, 21-payline slot machine from GameScale. But there is another reading. When the game screen appears you’ll be confronted by a disparate group of musicians – each in their own picture square- along with images of CDs, gramophones, treble clefs. Basically, musical motifs everywhere.

So the game is about music, but quite what the story is we have no idea- the characters look like people derived from the Manga book of how to draw. CDs and keyboards are, obviously, modern media and instruments, gramophones less so. Some strange aspiring Tokyo based jazz rock band that has managed to transcend decades, perhaps? Who knows, who cares- at the end of the day this is about winning so let’s move on from the rather confusing opening notes.

Pop Group

If you have never played an online slot machine before, then it’s best to begin with the basics. So, the idea is that you want to win money – obviously. In order to do this, you need to match up like-pictures on the slots. Some of the pictures will pay out if you get two of a kind, others will only dish dosh when you get three or more of the same.

The images, as we already mentioned, are a little odd, but basically represent the elements of a band. So we have (presumably) backing singers, the lowest value, what might be a DJ, a female singer, a frontman, keyboard, mic, electric guitar, and drum machine. All valued differently, perhaps controversially the DJ and female singer are the most valuable, so when you see those land in combinations get ready to crack a smile.

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Crazy 88

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Take to the Stage

Now you are familiar with what to do, it’s time to learn about how you do that. First of all, decide how much money you want to put in, and down on the proverbial table. The more you’re willing to stake, the more you will pick up, obviously. Adjust this by changing the Bet Line in the bottom of the screen.

These controls also have a function where you can add or remove paylines. Paylines are very important – if you match winning combinations of pictures not on an active payline then there will be no win. Simple as. So, more paylines more chances of winning, although it’s also worth noting that the more paylines and higher Bet Line value you have, the faster your cash is likely to disappear. Think on then.

Top of the Pops

OK, you’re pretty much ready to play now, but before hitting spin there are a couple of extra bits that are worth noting. Crazy 88 also features some little extras that bring the game up to another level.

First up, the Treble Clef is the Wild. Land combinations of this for big payouts, certainly much bigger than you would get without. The Bonus, which is a CD, activates on five per line, and, finally the Scatter- or gramophone- is both a multiplier and a free spin giveaway, so whichever of those happens you’re onto a winner.

Crazy Nights

Crazy 88 might seem a little confused, and it certainly left us with a fair few questions. Nevertheless, the one thing everyone is sure about is how much fun this is. The more you play the more you realise perhaps the theme is really clear – the loud, excessive, cash-cow rock industry of the 1980s. A place where money moves quickly and hits can make people the kind of fortunes that last a lifetime.

Or not. Digressions aside, this is a polished, good-looking 5-reel game that still manages to keep your focus on the game itself, rather than the added extras. The animation techniques aren’t setting any new standards, but nor are they getting left behind choking on the dust of competitors.

Overall, then, this is worth spending some time with, to put it mildly. Rock on!

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