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Honey Bees

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Honey Bees Slots

For a while, the online casino industry was all about insects, in fact you couldn’t move for them within the world of online slots. While the trend may have subsided now, it is certainly worth taking a look back at the game that kicked things off.

Honey Bee might have received a rerelease, but the original Cozy Games title is still very much available to players who want to give it a try. The following looks at the original Honey Bees too see how it holds up in today’s ruthlessly modern and fiercely competitive online slots environment.

Cute, Cuddly, and Classic

From a design perspective, Honey Bees is nothing short of adorable, as the artists over at Cozy Games made this look as cute as possible. We are deep in honey here, as the background of this game is the honeycombs that would be found in a beehive. There are sunflowers on the top of the reels and to the left/right of the reels, which really help cement this games chirpy and upbeat nature.

Letting the Sun Shine Through

Speaking of the sunflowers, they also make the jump onto the reels, along with other symbols such as bears, honey jars, the beekeeper, the bees, a beehive, a Queen Bee, and a beekeeper. There are no “standard” letter/number symbols in Honey Bees, as Cozy Games made the call to mix things up with something a little more original. Design wise, while the graphics look a touch dated, you can’t deny the fact that Honey Bees still carries a fair amount of “cutesy” charm.

Simplicity Is Key

What has aged well in the control system of Honey Bees, as it remains as easy to use as it ever has. Everything you will need to control the game can be found at the bottom of the screen. To the bottom left of the reels, you will see the bet button, along with the related display. When you click on this button, you can adjust the lines, coins, and coin value with the minus and plus symbols.

From a controls standpoint, Honey Bees doesn’t feature anything out the ordinary and that’s what we love about it.

Speeding Through the Air

If you don’t want to adjust any of the in-game settings, which some  players won’t, you can click “Bet Max” to go full pedal to the metal. This slot game also has a turbo mode, which you can use if you really want to raise the tempo and play at a fasterpace. Although, it must be noted that you should only activate this feature if you know what you are doing, as a change of pace may cause novice players a few problems.

A Little Bit Country

Honey Bees has stood the test of time, largely as it opts to present the total online slots package. Giving the visuals a boost, it features rather dramatic music that is played while the reels spin, which adds an atmospheric flair to the game. When you win, you can hear a country drawl play that is certainly quite endearing.

Out in the Wild

Giving Honey Bees some additional pizzazz, there is a wild symbol in this game that makes wining combinations that much easier to come by. This wild symbol will also pay out even when you land only two on an active payline.

Traditional, yet as relevant as ever, the wilds in this game are well worth acknowledging.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Wrapping up the bonus features in Honey Bees, there is a scatter symbol that offers up some serious rewards. You can earn a minimum of ten free spins for three scatters and max of twenty free spins for five scatters.

All in all, while Honey Bees is hardly a powerhouse on the bonus front, the game has certainly been able to keep the pace over the years.

Sweet like Honey Bees!

It’s getting older, but there is no denying that Honey Bees is still very much a relevant online slots title. We are always happy to play this slot, as the cute visuals really do keep you smiling. There is nothing complicated too this game either, as Cozy Games prefers to keep the theme and style simple, which we truly appreciate. Proving that old school is very much cool, the reels of Honey Bees are certainly well worth a spin.

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