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Poisoned Apple

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Poisoned Apple Slot

Guess which fairy tale Poisoned Apple by Booongo is based on? That’s right, it’s Snow White. It’s hard to keep track of the number of developers who’ve released their own take on this classic tale first popularised by Disney in their enduring and charming cartoon adaptation. Booongo are a lesser known developer, probably best known for having a superfluous ‘o’ in their name more than anything and it would be fair to say that the visual element of online casino games – which is a pretty crucial element – is not their strong point.

There are certain aspects of the Poisoned Apple slot which cheapen the look of the game, like the scrolling prompts across the top of the screen, which is a shame to say the least. There are good things about this mobile-compatible slot though. In fact there are some ways in which it shines. The music is cute and cheery for one thing (if a little repetitive) and the symbols have been beautifully designed. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t utilise the full screen space if you’re playing on desktop, occupying a square space in the centre. This is inefficient and unfortunate.

Forbidden Fruit

Is it any wonder that many kids grow up shunning fruit and failing to get their five a day? From infancy it’s been subtly inculcated into us to be wary of fruit. Wasn’t the original sin in the garden of Eden caused when Eve bit into a fruit she shouldn’t have tried? And isn’t Snow White all about the dangers of accepting fruit from strangers – or wicked stepmothers for that matter? While the fruits that are displayed as symbols in classic slots look inviting and juicy, the ones in Poisoned Apple should be collected but never eaten.

The Poisoned Apple video slot is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines that takes place on a 5x4 board. The symbols themselves, even the playing card symbols which are equipped with flowers and fauna, look great. Then again, so does the backdrop that lies behind the reels depicting an enchanted forest. Mushroom spores rise gently into the air and drift languidly on the breeze, while the game’s logo flashes across the top of the board. This latter animation is a touch too far, but the mushroom spore animations look dreamy, like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

What’s The Max Bet?

Poisoned Apple by Booongo lets you set a line bet of between 0.01 and 5. As a result, you can wager with a max bet of 100 coins per spin. While there are plenty of slots out there that let you gamble more than this, it’s still a reasonable sum to be going on with. There’s also an autoplay option which can go all the way up to 1,000 spins and there’s a button which will enable the reels to spin faster if you’re eager to get rich quick. Push the spin button and the reels set off at a surprisingly gentle pace. Perhaps you will need that spin button after all.

Into the Woods

The playing card symbols are worth 70 for 5 at best with the maximum bet enabled. Next up in the pecking order is the woodcutter, worth 80 for 5, and then one of the dwarfs at 125. There’s just one of these rather than the whole seven, which comes as something of a relief. The cruel stepmother, looking very much like her Disney incarnation, is worth 140 for 5 and the handsome but gormless prince comes in at 150. That just leaves Snow White herself, who commands 200 and the wild symbol, designed to resemble a blue-faced witch, which commands a top prize of 400.

Similar Online Slots to Poisoned Apple

Punters who’ve enjoyed Booongo’s charming take on this enduring fairy tale will likely also appreciate a game like Egyptian Sky by EGT. Its graphics could use some work but this 40-payline slot atones for this in other ways, like the gameplay and the free spins which are awarded in multiples of 3. In Poisoned Apple, in comparison, you can earn 5 free spins at a time, though these can repeat. Gamblers should note that there are also numerous other Snow White-themed slots out there which warrant a look.

Flawed, But Still Great

Poisoned Apple is a game that’s flawed in some respects but brilliant in others. Despite not scaling very well on certain devices and a few annoying and unnecessary animations, there are certain ways in which this game shines. It’s got some amazing looking graphics, a lush background scene and some very cool symbols. The soundtrack isn’t bad either, the first couple of dozen of plays at least. Booongo are unlikely to become your favourite developer, but if you get a chance to play Poisoned Apple for free or to play for real money, this game is worth ten minutes of your time.

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