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Booongo Slots

Booongo is a new gaming providers that’s blessed with a preponderance of o’s in its name and a knack for creating multi-channel HD games that look and play a treat. Utilising HTML5, the firm creates 2D and 3D games that are designed to work in-browser and on mobile, providing a rich, immersive experience.

Players will like Booongo on account of their slick interactive games, characterised by unique features and cool sound effects. Clients, meanwhile, will want to make use of Booongo’s ability to provide complete e-gambling turnkey solutions and to deploy stable platforms that can be relied upon 24/7.

With full back end management and integration all part of the package, Booongo can be counted on to take care of the less glamorous side of online casino management, leaving clients free to focus on boosting their bottom line.

A New Vision

Promising a ‘new vision on e-gaming’, Booongo are an ambitious software company who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Theirs is an ultra-competitive industry, but it’s one they’re on a mission to shake up through the creation and distribution of HD games that stand out from the competition. The secret to achieving this – the backbone upon which their success is hung – is their proprietary platform.

As Booongo note, the company is about more than just games. Its bespoke, tailor-made solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of modern casino operators. With multiple servers, software and platforms to integrate, online casino management can call for extensive technical knowledge and fine troubleshooting skills. Booongo’s aim is to resolve all of the complex issues that are synonymous with operating an online casino via their turnkey solutions that work straight out the box.

At the heart of it all is a game server that can support a vast array of games from numerous game clients. Complete compatibility with a range of different software standards is part of the package, but Booongo also supply comprehensive financial statistics that enable clients to determine at a glance how their site is performing, which games are faring well, and which titles are failing to come up with the goods. This allows for complete optimisation of the site, from games to layout, categorisation and promotional offers that should appeal to players.

Awesome Analytics

The answers to every element of site optimisation and enhancing the playing experience lie in the data that Booongo’s servers log. Accurately recording the data is the first step, but raw data alone is worthless unless there is a means to quantify it to make informed decisions and take the guesswork out of casino management.

Booongo’s platforms are designed to log all aspects of a gamer’s actions and on-site behaviour. This is done for the benefit of player and client alike. For the former, it means that any potential issues, be it with an alleged in-game bug, payment problem or compatibility error, can be identified and resolved promptly.

From the client’s perspective, it allows for instant identification of any players who are operating out-with the rules that govern online casinos and to identify any ‘bad actors’ who may be intent on undermining site security or gaming the system. To facilitate this, Booongo operates an efficient user and customer management system, so that clients can maintain accurate records and access critical data as and when they need it.

In addition to accessing data and playing records for specific customers, clients can also use the data to gain a better picture of how their business is performing overall. Whether it’s developing a new product strategy or pinpointing areas for improvement, Booongo’s analytics are invaluable.

Booongo pride themselves on having created a platform that is stable and free of glitches. It can be easily integrated into existing systems and, crucially, is scalable, allowing for rapid expansion as clients’ business grows and prospers.

Booongo’s platform is also fast, thanks to clean code and constant testing to ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices. Clients who decide to avail themselves of Booongo’s e-gaming platform can look forward to receiving complete integration testing as part of the package. This ensures that any compatibility issues can be resolved and troubleshooted ahead of a successful launch. Fast, seamless and customisable, Booongo’s e-gaming software is some of the best in the business.

Amazing Games

The backend side of things may appeal to clients, but it’s the games that will lure in the punters. After all, it doesn’t matter how seamless the compatibility and how comprehensive the analytics: without playable, immersive games, Booongo would be nothing.

The company specialises in slots, with a penchant for eye-catching design, replete with cutesy, cartoon-style graphics, epic lighting effects, neat sound effects and stunning rendering and 3D animations. Many of the firm’s games are in a similar mould to Candy Crush Saga: bright, cheery and eminently playable.

Crazy Gems is a case in point: players must seek out the most valuable treasures in a cave that’s brimming with gemstones. Look out for the star gem symbol which triggers respins and ushers in a mega payday.

Other Booongo games take their lead from classic slots; Fruiterra for example deploys the look and feel of a classic Vegas slot. Fruit machines aren’t hard to come by in the world of online gaming, but Booongo’s are beautifully designed, with fruit so delectable you don’t know whether to bite into it or collect it (you’d be advised to do the latter) and bonus features that are inventive and eminently satisfying.

It’s amazing what can be done with fruit: Booongo have upped the ante and lowered the temperature in Fruity Frost, in which summer fruits are encased in blue ice.

Slots You Can Play for Days

Proving that they’re more than capable of coming up with wholly original ideas of their own, Booongo have a number of slots that combine intriguing themes with maddeningly good bonus features. Hunting Party pits hounds and huntsmen against bears. Players must keep their eyes on the prize and chase down free spins and bonus symbols that will lead them through to the bonus game. The 5-reel slot features scatter, wild, bonus and hound symbols, all of which can aid you in your expedition to shoot for the jackpot.

Kailash Mystery is another unusual one; modelled on an ancient Chinese mountain, the game features dragon symbols and a circular gaming board the will elicit memories of playing Chinese checkers.

There are two other Booongo slots that warrant a mention: Kangaliens and Thunder Zeus. The former scores full marks for originality. How many other video slots are there that see kangaroos team up with invading aliens? It’s a concept that makes Sharknado look hackneyed and cliche-ridden. The story is inspired by Wycliffe Well, a small Australian village that is no stranger to alien sightings. When a UFO descends, the only witnesses to the spectacle are a group of kangaroos – and they’re not about to be spooked by a gaggle of green martians. Five reels and 25 lines of action make Kangaliens a busy little slot that’s fun to play and a joy to look at.

Thunder Zeus, meanwhile, takes a more familiar concept and infuses it with Booongo’s trademark gorgeous graphics and lush sound effects. The action unfolds at the top of Mount Olympus, where Zeus and a plethora of other gods and heroes jostle for supremacy of the skies. Unusually, the game features two separate sets of reels. Upon entering free spins mode, the two sets of reels, which occupy separate halves of a bifurcated stone tablet, are joined together as one.

With new titles afoot including Halloween Witch and Secret of Nefertiti, the future is looking very bright indeed for Booongo.

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